October 1, 2010

The Money Bet of the Century | Week 5

Money Betters-

Well folks.....what can I say about last week other than I let you down. One thing to remember is that the season is long, and if I put up 14 straight weeks of wins, I'd be talked about in Vegas like I was a god. I also wouldn't be working anymore, either.

Last week's game went wrong in just about every way possible. UCLA had an offense and made plays happen. UCLA's Quarterback Prince actually only had 27 yards of passing, but they got it done on the ground. Who could believe that UCLA would actually not have to go to the air AT ALL to beat Texas. Who could believe that a QB who puts up 27 yards of passing from the Pac-10 could beat the #7 ranked team in the country? Simply 'a fluke'....

Over here at the MBOC, when we encounter the first loss of the season, we circle up the field correspondents and have a talk. We're a small organization....but not one without resources!!! Long-time contributor and field correspondent Adam Smith was 'on the ground' in Vegas, spending time at the different sports books getting a feel for the way the week was shaping up. He poured over countless statistics and research this week and uncovered what we feel to be is a gem. This weeks pick is being called 'THE DOUBLE DOWN SPECIAL'. This week, your pockets are hurting from the last week, but we've found a way to help you recover your losses from last week.....and a nice tidy stack of bills on top of that!

This week, The Cougs hit the the road to Los Angeles to face the same UCLA team that was in a pick last week. The Cougs hit their 'low water mark' last year, as they plowed through the season finding it seemingly impossible to pull a touchdown from anywhere. They were simply one of the worst teams in college football (but remember husky fans, they did not go 0'fer). This year they are back....looking 'slightly' better. Last week they were once again routed by another team, losing to USC 50-16. Not a lot can be said about this performance. I watched the game and the Cougs were able to keep in close in the first half of the game (28-13), before the wheels came off in the second half. Jeff Tuel, when he wasn't throwing one of the games 3 interceptions, through for 222 yards and a touchdown. The Cougs defense LOVES to allow other teams to score points on them, ranking 116 out of 121 teams in the FBS. They face a UCLA team that comes into this game riding high off their win last week at Texas.

While I still can't say that the UCLA offense is that impressive, they definitely did get it done last week against Texas. They seem to have found their game plan in a rushing attack, and are currently putting up 218 rushing yards a game on opponents, good for a top 20 showing in the FBS rankings. The Bruins will also find that it is easier to go to the air this week against a mediocre-at-best Washington State secondary. Look for Prince to hit some thinly guarded slant routes to his receivers and tight ends as the WSU linebackers have to stay home and guard against the run. In short, WSU is looking anemic enough to make UCLA into a duel threat run/pass type of team. With the UCLA team allowing an average of 22 points a game, and WSU allowing 43 points a game, we were shocked to uncover that the over under spread in this game was only a meager 50.5 points!!

To follow in the footsteps of the great Gordon Gekko, this week, "never run away when you are down". Step in with A DOUBLE SIZED bet this week on the Over in this game, and walk away on Saturday with a fat stack of Bills.

COUGS AND UCLA COVER 50.5 POINTS as UCLA goes on to win 42-21!.

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  1. "Return of the Quack" video for all the duck fans out there. See if they can take Stanford down in Eugene.