October 29, 2010

Money Bet of the Century | Week #9

Well Money Betters-
what can we say......the money bet of the century has let you down twice in a row. I can honestly say that a two week skid is very rare around the office. Walking amongst the rows of cubes, there have been a lot of forlorn faces. No more a long face than that of Adam Smith, who 'doubled down' last week by not only making the pick....but also dropping $550 dollars on his bet at the local Vegas Sportsbook. Although we offer Adam our condolences on his pick, we plan to keep the image of that bad pick around for quite some time....he'll never know when and where that memorable PDF Screenshot might pop up in his life. :)

Getting along to this weeks pick. We've got an iconic game lined up for you......a game that is also known as 'The World's Largest Outdoor Cocktail Party'. That's right friends....we're talking about Florida vs. Georgia. This game has been played in a neutral location every year except for 1995 and 1996, where it was played at Georgia's home stadium one year, and 'The Swamp' one year. This game has had a lot memorable moments, probably none more memorable that this classic moment. You'll have to listen to the commentator all the way through to really appreciate the 'Game Call'...

Let's get down to the call. Georgia comes into this game as a 2.5 point favorite. And let's be honest....I think they definitely deserve to be. With a 82nd ranked passing attack (out of 119 teams) and the 75th ranked rushing offense, Florida has not been much of an offensive threat this year. Missing Tim Tebow anyone??? It must have been a huge letdown for the Florida fans who have grown accustoming to coming up in the National Championship discussion every year. John Brantley has been less then illustrious this year, throwing for 6 touchdowns in 7 games so far this year. Probably most shocking was the loss last week to Mississippi State, the first time the gators have lost to them since 2004. Florida has been on a 3 game skid, losing to the likes of #1 (at the time) Alabama, #12 LSU, and finally....the aforementioned Mississippi State.

Georgia comes into this game and a somewhat lukewarm opponent, but a lukewarm opponent who is getting much warmer. Georgia is really heating up in their rushing and passing game, throwing for an average of 228 yards per game, and rushing an average of 153. You know A.J. Green will be good for at least 80 yards and 1-2 touchdowns in this matchup. The best news about this pick is that it is played on a neutral field. No home field advantage for either team means that there is going to be an even playing field.....and an even playing field for this matchup means the ultimate advantage for Georgia.

Georgia gets in done by 10!!!


  1. Florida is really really missing Cam Newton.

  2. Damn I hop you Swami this one correct Noreen. This GA boy is hungry for a Jax victory!