November 24, 2012

Money Bet of the Century | Rivalry Week!!

Money Betters-

We're closing in on the end of the College Football Season, but not before rivalry Saturday, and not before the BCS Bowl Season.

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Today's game is one I've been waiting weeks for weeks to be played. This game is played every year between these two teams, and though it is not a 'heated rivalry', it's always a great college football game. This year, the game will be played in California, and is Notre Dame vs. USC.

I believe that this #1 Notre Dame team is quite possibly the weakest #1 team in the last few years of college football. I'll give them credit for their defense keeping them in some games where their offense wanted to lose the game for them. But don't let me get away with that statement without breaking down some sound logic. First, let me debunk the people who go to Notre Dame's ESPN Clubhouse page and say "But they've played 4 ranked teams, and won all of those games!!!". Notre Dame played Michigan State when they looked like they could have been a weapon (currently have lost more games then they have won at 5-6). They got lucky with Michigan, and won by a touchown. The Stanford game should have been won by Stanford in OT, they blew it (luck of the Irish.) and I will straight up give them props for going into Norman, Oklahoma and disposing of Oklahoma in a 30-13 beat down. But when you look at the strength of their ranked opponents, no top 10 team winnings except Oklahoma.

Secondly, Notre Dame 'Squeaks by' in games that should be dominating. When an LSU, Oregon, Ohio State, or Alabama plays weak teams, they dominate them. Not the case with Notre Dame. In 5 games this year, Notre Dame has won by less than 7 points. That's almost half of their entire games. Some of those marginal wins happened against easily beatable teams like  Purdue, BYU, and Pittsburgh. Can anyone tell me what would have happened to Pittsburgh against an Oregon or Alabama? It wouldn't have taken 3 overtimes to  win the game, friends, it would have been blow out city, friends. Blow out city. (said 2nd time for emphasis).

USC has been running teams all year long. With the exception of that loss to Stanford (which seems to be a yearly occurrence for them), the inevitable loss to Oregon, and the two unexplainable losses to Arizona and UCLA, they seem to be a solid squad. Matt Barkley, unfortunately, will not be playing in today's game, missing his first game since anyone could remember. Freshman Quarterback Matt Wittek will get his career start today, and it couldn't be a bigger game for the Freshman from Newport Beach, CA. He'll be looking for the pen-ultimate receiving target in Marqise Lee, who has already caught 14 TDs on the year for 1605 yards. There's also the option of Robert Woods who has caught 10 TDs. The big question of the day will be if the old Penn State sell out RB Silas Redd will be able to punch through a strong ND defense led by Hawaiian LB and  Senior Manti Te'o. You know he wants to go to the BCS Championship and will be playing with his

The line on this game is ND -4.5 (which is pretty amazing considering USC has a backup QB in the game), but the Trojans get this one done at home. Trojans win this game in OT on a field goal at home! That's the Money Bet......and don't forget to donate at the above link! :)