August 30, 2013

The Money Bet of the Century - Week 1 - 0-0

Ladies and Gentlemen-

Welcome back to the 11th season of Money Bet of the Century. It is a distinct pleasure to once again be at the helm of the Best premier college football gambling blog.

We know of no other blog on the internet that produces sage gambling advice, accompanied by spectacular content and features, all while having the smooth readbility that is offered up at MBOC. And you can't beat the subscription price....FREE.

We listen to what the readers want, and the staff here has agreed that the LinkedIn Babe of the week was a smashing addition to last year's blog. So we're bringing that back for you. Much like a Professional Scout takes time in the offseason to evaluate prospects, our readers have been sending me links all summer of candidates for the LBOW (LinkedIn Babe of the Week).

In honor of my big move to the United Kingdom this year ( and subsequent sales territory being Sweden, Finland, Denmark, and Norway) I'd like to offer up the LBOW this week from my region, and she hails from Copenhagen, Denmark. Anne is the Beauty Director at Elle Magazine, and I think it is going to be obvious why when you click the link. Anne hails from the fabulous school, Fredericksborg Gymnasium. I'm thinking that is like a secondary education, but if she told me that all she did at school was "stay fit", I would most likely agree with her....and then probably ask her if she wanted to get a drink.

Anne Pedersen

 See anyone you think should be the LBOW---do tell.

On to this week's pick-----

I got dibs on 'right'
Many many games to choose from coming out of the gate. The staff over here at the MBOC always has a tough time selecting the first game. There are always so many unknown factors at the beginning of the season. As longtime contributor and reader, Paul Rodriguez successfully pointed out, 'Who would have thought that Towson would have thrown down on UCONN like that. (Towson won in a shocking 38-13 upset). And who would have thought that Indiana could put up 73 points in a football game? What an exciting finish between Rutgers and Fresno State. You can bet there will be more of these types of games before the weekend is over.

Nothing like starting out the season like picking a big game to set the tone. The countries repeat national champion, #1 Alabma, is vying for an unprecendeted 3rd straight shot at being a national champion. Nick Saban is surrounded by all of the tools he needs to do it. Veteran quarterback AJ McCarron is back for another year as QB for an experienced Alabama offense. There is a dual threat at running back with both Eddie Lacy and TJ Yeldon who put up 17 and 12 TDs, respectively. And when you can't get it done on the ground, there is always Amari Cooper who had 1000 yards and 11 td's last year.

Va Tech Cheerleaders....the only good looking one I could find.
All hope is not gone for The Virginia Tech Hoakies. Logan Thomas has thrown for 6000+ yards in his career at VaTech, and 37 touchdowns. One big kicker for Thomas is his 26 career interceptions. He threw16 interceptions alone last year, and that's not going to bode well against a tough defense that only allowed more than 17 points twice last season....and that was while playing 6 top 20 teams.

The game is being played at the Georgia Dome in HOT-lanta and has a 5:30pm EST kickoff time. the line opened at Alabama -18, but has swung to Alabama - 20.5. The Tide will prove to much for The Hoakies and get it done by 24 at the Dome.

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