October 15, 2010

Money Bet of the Century | Week #7

Money Betters-

Welcome to Week #7.

I’m proud to say that last week, we made the call by exactly ½ of one point.

A lot of things did not go down the way we expected in Notre Dame vs. Pittsburgh. Dion Lewis never got it moving in any way, shape, or form. He ended up carrying the ball 13 times for 63 yards. The Notre Dame defense and Linebackers put up a wall!!! Pitt struggled to score at all in the Red Zone. But it wasn’t a pretty win for Notre Dame "It's not a beauty contest yet for us. It's certainly not that. But my job is to get Notre Dame to win football games and we're starting to do that.", noted Notre Dame Coach Brian Kelly. Notre Dame can look forward to a win this week against the Western Michigan Broncos.

This week, the money bet is OBVIOUS!!! One of the highest scoring offenses in the country is Ohio State. They are averaging a whopping 43.2 points per game. This will be there first tough test since a showdown in the 2nd week of football against Miami. The game is at Wisconsin, so we’ll get to see how they play on the road against a tough team. Ohio State only allows an average of 13.5 points a game, and their defense has allowed only 10 points in the win versus Indiana last week.

The Wisconsinites will be ready for a big game. Camp Randall Stadium, with its 80,321 person capacity, can get rockin for a mid-October in-conference showdown. You can believe the stadium will be filled to capacity and there will be more red in the stadium with both schools colors being very similar to one another. Wisconsin comes into this game with quite the rushing game. They are currently 11th in the country, averaging 240.8 yards per game. The key to the game for Wisconsin will be getting the ball into John Clay’s hands. He may not top his 2009 totals of 1517 yards, but he’s looking to get close with a projected 1384 yards this season. Wisconsin loves its short, stocky, built-like-a-tank runningbacks….Following in the great footsteps of the great Ron Dayne of the late 90s. You might see Clay opt to go pro after this year and forego his senior season.

This game is going to be a close one….but there’s no stopping the might of Terelle Pryor. With 1,349 yards this year, he’s on pace to have over 2,500 yards and 30 touchdowns this season. The key to the game for Wisconsin’s defense will be to get in and shut down Pryor before he can do any major damage. Buckeyes are favored in this game by 4, and they get it done clawing the badgers by 10!!!!

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