November 16, 2013

The Money Bet of the Century | Week 12 | 5-2-1

Money Betters-

The Money Bet of the Century is looking strong here in Week 12, on a 3 game heater since being even. I'd like to thank the staff for putting in their hard work to continuously uncover the tough to spot games. This week we have some violence, babes, and good picks. If that floats your boat, like I'm pretty sure it does, read on....

Last week we took a week off, and flew the whole entire staff out to Istanbul, Turkey to take in one of the world's most intense European Football Derbies. It was a partciularly brutal contest between Galatasaray and Fenerbache, with Fenerbache coming out on top 2-0 after 90 minutes. This game had it all: 55,000 home team fans (away fans aren't aloud for fear of massive violence), hundreds of police officers in full riot gear, and a crowd that never sits down and sings various chants every second of the match. I can easily say that this was the most lively, intense sporting event I've ever witnessed and am happy to have left without serious bodily injury. Want to see how intense this atmosphere can be, let this video rip for about three minutes:

 Enough of the violence, let's get to the LinkedIn Babe of the Week. Last week we didn't have a LBOW, and the readers wrote in to express their displeasure. Well, we've seen the error in our ways and have one for you this week. This week's babe was sent in from Jeff in New Jersey.

Rachel Peterson is truly worthy of the honor this week. Rachel has both the smarts and the looks. She spent her undergraduate days at MIT, and now finds herself finishing up an MBA at Harvard Business School. Not to shabby.

But she isn't just an academic, she has some solid work experience as well. She spent 1 year as a chemical engineer at Fluidic International before moving to Tesla to work as a Battery Test Engineer. In light of all of those exploding Tesla cars we've seen lately, maybe Tesla should call up Harvard and see if they can get Rachel back!

Now if you think that the school and work was good, also let it be know that Rachel was a cheerleader for the San Francisco 49'ers football team to boot.

What an all around girl, welome to the LinkedIn Babe of the week family, Rachel. Check out her LinkedIn profile to find out more:
Linked In Babe of the Week

This week, we're heading out to the Pac-12 for a game. Arizona comes into tonight's game at 6-3, coming up just short against UCLA last week. UCLA has had a pretty good year, beating a 'Price'less Washington last night by 10. But looking at Arizona's schedule a little closer, you'll notice they haven't been dominant this year. They only beat lowly Cal by 5, and narrowly missed out on losing to USC by 11. They've been effective in holding their opponents to minimal points this year, and rank 26th in this category. They've been very effective at rushing the ball this year, putting up an avearage of 271 yards a game. Arizona has two running backs that have been lethal this year in  Ka'deem Carey BJ Denker. Ka'deem has ripped up 1100 yards for 11 touchdowns this year and is a threat to be reckoned with.
But --as the staff was able to uncover-- most of Arizona's poor play happens on the road. At home, in Arizona Stadium, they play strong.

Washington State comes into this game on a 3 game losing streak, losing to Oregon, Arizona State and Oregon State. It's not looking good for Washington State still having to play Utah (whose looked good as of late) and the season finale versus University of Washington. Win tonight and against Utah or Washington, and they could potentially sneak into a bowl game. But it must start tonight.
The Cougs have been deadly in the air this year, throwing for the 7th most passing yards of any school in the country. Conner Halliday has 20 touchdowns on 3098 yards, finding reliable receivers in Gabe Marks and Dom Williams. They don't have much of a running threat, so you know that Arizona will be ready for the throw. Can Arizona slow down Washington State from scoring point?

The unfortunate answer is 'Most Likely'. If we look back to the Arizona vs. Washington game earlier this year, Sarkisian was unable to get the production he needed out of his 24th ranked passing team, and turned to Mr. Bishop Sankey --The Christmas Poo-- 40 times for a ground and pound offense to get the job done. Washington State simply does not have this dimension.

Playing at home at Arizona Stadium, in front of a amped-up Arizona crowd will prove to much for a struggling Washington State team. The line on this game is only Washington State University +11.5, which surprised the staff (even factoring our loyalty to Washington State). Arizona gets this one done by 17 at home.

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November 2, 2013

The Money Bet of the Century | Week 10 | 4-2-1

Money Betters-

Talk about a Money Bet. Last week's pick of Michigan State over Illinois exceeded even the wildest of expectations. A 42-3 route of Illinois easily cleared the 7 point spread that the odds makers were giving Michigan State going into the game. The staff had scoured all of the stats to come up with that one, and we only saw Michigan State winning by 10. Today Michigan State plays the Wolverines at home --and that game will be a thriller in East Lansing. The line is only -4.5 Michigan State, but I think it will be a close one. Always hard to play at Sparty, the crowd will be fired up. If Michigan State wins this one, they might run the table--only having to play Nebraska, Northwestern, and Minnesota to finish out the season. Surely they deserve a better ranking that 22nd in the country, only losing a close match up to Notre Dame in week 4 (17-13).

This week there are a lot of good matches to choose from, but one in particular jumps out to the staff. With the exception of the slip up in week 7 to Florida State, Clemson is putting together a hell of a season. Averaging 37.4 points per game, the Clemson offense is firing on all cylinders. Tajh Boyd is putting together quite the little season. So far Tajh has thrown for 2243 yards and 17 touchdowns finding very reliable hands in Sammy Watkins. And with the exception of playing an away game against South Carolina at the end of the season, it's going to be smooth sailing to a season end for the Tigers. Look for some solid touches from Roderick McDowell this afternoon as Clemson looks to poke holes in Virginia's D Line.

The last time that Virginia played a high caliber team like Clemson was in week two when they played Oregon. The Ducks managed to put up 59 on Virginia. Since then, it's been a steady stream of disappointments falling to opponents that they should be beating. Duke, Maryland, and Ball State had their way with the Cavaliers. The one shining light in their dismal season is Running Back Kevin Parks. Kevin has had a pretty solid season rushing the ball, rushing for 614 yards with 9 touchdowns. If Virginia can get the ball into Clemson's red zone, look for them to put together some quick strikes up the middle to Kevin Parks. The staff is fairly certain that Virginia will put together at least a few opportunities for Kevin to get into the end zone today. But Clemson's defense will prove to tough for Virginia, and will hold them to a field goal attempt most times they get close.

The line on this game is Clemson by -17, but Clemson will exploit Virginia for far more. Clemson gets away in this game and wins by at least 28. The staff has run all the calculations and has Clemson winning this game 42-10, with Kevin Parks getting one touchdown, and settling for a field goal for the remained of their points.

Now---for the English Bets....

It’s Saturday morning so that can only mean one thing, time to roll out of bed and check out the British Bantam Betting.

We’ve had some correspondence recently highlighting the fact we’re in a bad streak with very few wins in the last few weeks and even the Trixie hasn’t been paying out doubles each week to cover our costs so this week I think we’ll be somewhat more cautious but not at the detriment of our winnings

This is the 14th match of the football league and we’re starting to itch. We know that the hunt for big money requires patience and last week was a disappointing one. The OPTION OVERTIME we brought in last week was SO close to making some big cash but 2 late goals in Manchester turned that on it’s head and our other 3 games dropped so we went 0/3 last week.
Onwards and upwards, and then straight to the bank!!
The 3 Team Banker – Matchweek 9: 02/11/2013

LEICESTER to beat WATFORD (Away win)
Leicester had an incredible cup win through the week at Fulham and they’re flying high this season. Nugent is in top form scoring 4 goals in the last 3 matches and they’ve proved they can score goals with 24 goals this year. Watford are one of the most inconsistent squads in the Championship winning big one week and then crashing out to relegation strugglers the next. They’re totally beatable and at 2/1 I think Leicester are a safe bet.
We’ve had some correspondence recently highlighting the fact we’re in a bad streak with very few wins in the last few weeks and even the Trixie hasn’t been paying out doubles each week to cover our costs so this week I think we’ll be somewhat more cautious but not at the detriment of our winnings

This is the 14th match of the football league and we’re starting to itch. We know that the hunt for big money requires patience and last week was a disappointing one. The OPTION OVERTIME we brought in last week was SO close to making some big cash but 2 late goals in Manchester turned that on it’s head and our other 3 games dropped so we went 0/3 last week.

Potential returns for a $10 bet:                                                             $309.38USD
A $20 Trixie (4 bets of $5) yields:                                                                      $303.75USD

N.B. Prices taken from

October 25, 2013

Money Bet of the Century | Week 9 | 32-1

Money Betters-

...And we're back. After the MBOC's Bye week two weeks ago, and our pure laziness last week, the readers have been clamoring for a new issue. Well, this week we plan to deliver.

First up, as you have become accustomed, is the Linked In Babe of the Week. This feature, now in it's second year, aims to find a both attractive and smart girl, forwarded by the readers to the staff. We get tons of submissions each week, and to be frank---some of them are just not up to par. But, please keep them coming because it only makes this part of the blog that much better.

This week, our LinkedBabe of the Week hails from The Czech Republic, and her name is Jana Andresikova. Jana is a self-employed Media Producer but used to work as a TV Journalist for ZAK TV.....and we bet she was a fan favorite that had everyone tuning in.

Jana Andresikova

Jana speaks 4 languages fluently and also notes that she teaches English on the side of her Media Production Job. Impressive, Jana. We are thinking that there are many readers that would like to teach Jana a few English words that may not be in her vocabulary! Ha ha ha. She also has a Masters Degree in Digital Media Production. Check one in the brains category for her there.

Well Jana, welcome to the exclusive club that is 'The Linked in Babe of the Week'. By having this honor bestowed upon you, we are predicting many future years of success in your career and in life...and a bump to the "People who Viewed your Profile" section this week.  It's what all of the other LBOW's experience, and the staff is confident you will not be an exception to the norm.

On to the pick of the week. The MBOC sits pretty even thus far into the season. 3 wins, 2 losses and 1 push. It is worth noting that the 3rd hit was a 'Double Down Special' so if you doubled down last time, you're sitting on a nice little lump of cash. This week is a pretty clear cut pick.

Michigan State --more commonly referred to around the office as simply 'Sparty', has a great thing going this season. With the exception of the slip up against Notre Dame in Week 4, they are ROLLING. It seems that in any given year, Michigan State is a force to be reckoned with. Last year they beat Boise State and narrowly missed out on Upsetting #14 Ohio State. And who can forget the smack-down of #6 Wisconsin in 2011. Sparty is always in the hunt, and this year is no different.

No game, except the Notre Dame game, has really been in jeopardy for Sparty. They have a very balanced team on both sides of the ball, with no amazing standouts. Their QB Connor Cook has thrown for 9tds (not remarkable) and their RB Jeremy Langford has rushed for 7tds( not remarkable). They have a pair of reliable receivers in Bennie Fowler (not related to Chris Fowler of ESPN)  and Macgarrett Kings (not of Irish Royal descent) who have put up about 500 yards of receiving for 6 combined TDs. But at Michigan State, they bear down---rely on their team play--and just get it done. The defense has looked impressive this year, but they haven't played a ton of tough teams but they sit at #4 in the country right now in points allowed (13.6) - Impressive. Sitting atop the Legends division, if they win this week, there is no reason why they shouldn't slide into the back of the rankings.

On the other side of the ball sits the perennially mediocre Illinois. Illinois also runs a balanced offense, opting for both the Rush and the Pass. At WR, look for them to find Josh Ferguson for at least one touchdown during the competition. The problem with Illinois is that pretty much anyone can score on them, they are currently allowing 32.3 ppg, as they look to gain more experience out of their fairly inexperienced secondary.

It will be a fairly pleasant fall day in Champagne-Urbana for this game, with winds blowing out of the Southwest at 10 miles per hour, and a game time kickoff temperature of 54 degrees. This line opened at Michigan State by 13 but has dropped to Michigan State -9. That means that if Michigan State can just be up 10 at the end of regulation, which we think they will, they secure another solid win for the MBOC. We think the final score will be 31-21 in favor of Sparty.

Don't forget to 'lay a fatty' on that one, and make sure and log your vote in the upper right hand corner!

And Now......the British Bantam Betting 3 team BANKER!

Good morning all!!  This week we’ve done something a little special. The usual 3 team banker has been enhanced with the best odds on the market with the addition of OPTIONAL OVERTIME!! The odds this week are the best we’ve had this season and if you add in the optional overtime you’re sitting pretty on $2,500 from just a $1 bet.


No pre-amble this week boys and as usual, your feedback is always appreciated. Always great to receive messages from people suggesting the tweaks they’ve made and big wins they’ve had. We particularly like the pictures people send of things they’ve bought with their winnings, some of you have more money than sense.




A local derby is always difficult to call, but can you believe how badly Huddersfield have played recently? With no win in 5 games they’re due a victory but who can see it coming against Leeds? The McAlpine is a tough place to visit but Leeds have been good on the road this season.


YORK CITY to beat FLEETWOOD (Home win)

After a tough start to the season, York have beaten Portsmouth and drawn with league leaders Chesterfield in the last 3 games. Fleetwood are 3 games since their last victory and it’s fair to say they’ve had some easy games to win. 2/1 for a home victory is cracking odds and York are due a victory.



These two teams gave been incredibly poor this season. Between these teams they’ve won 3 games all season (out of 26 games). Crewe sit 3 points ahead of Sheffield so though today could definitely go either way and at 4/1 Crewe are cracking odds there!





Welcome to controversy people!!! Most people will think I’m nuts for tipping this but hear me out. Stoke have had to stand a battering so far this weekend playing all of the big boys and taking only 1 point from those games. BUT, Manchester have had a shakey start and these are two clubs who have a fierce and competitive history together and 8/1 is INSANE!!!

October 5, 2013

Money Bet of the Century | Week 6 | Record: 2-2-1

Money Betters-

Last week something happened that doesn't happen very often at the MBOC. We pushed. Ohio State vs. Wisconsin in the shoe, and Ohio State won by exactly 7 points. That means you got your money back, and the MBOC moves to 2-2-1. The good news is that you got your money back--so this week you can double down. It's time for the Double Down Special.

For the new readers, we break out the 'Double Down Special' when we see a game that you need to go extra big on. This is your chance to make up for last weeks push--- and my friends----the Double Down Special happens this week.

Time for the LinkedIn Babe of the Week. This week, she comes from Sweden via a recommendation by Hans A.

Marie is a Brand Manager for Cloetta, a Swedish Candy Company. What's not to love about an attractive women who spends her days with candy.  And she's smart.....obtaining her Master's degree at Lund University in International Marketing.Thanks for forwarding on, Hans. And welcome to the exclusive fraternity that is the LBOW, Marie.

Now for the Double Down. Look no further then my undergraduate institution to find this week's pick. Washington State travels down to California this week for a Pac-12 Showdown.

The California Golden Bears have started off the year with a pretty rough schedule. Playing against the likes of Oregon, Ohio State, and Northwestern, it hasn't been an easy road for them. Despite the only win being against Portland State (by only 7) Jared Goff is slanging the ball, throwing for 1300 yards and 7 touchdowns this year. Not bad considering the opponents.

Washington State comes off a loss to Stanford ---but getting famous for Popcorn Guy. WSU will be back this week Connor Halliday is going to throw for 250 yards against Cal's secondary. The line on this game is Washington State by -1, but they got it wrong. DOUBLE DOWN my friends as Washington State goes on to win by 10 in an Away ROUTE of Cal.

_____________________BRITISH BANTAM BETTING___________________________________
So this week’s blog starts with me responding to some mail we’ve had. It seems many people didn’t read the first post where I introduced this blogs is not a guarantee, it’s also not a 50/50 chance. People follow this blog because they want to beat the odds and take home a big bankroll in doing so.

Generally you’ll see odds of 15/1 to 25/1 over 3 teams which means if you bet a Trixie and 2 out of 3 come in you’ll double or triple your investment, but all on the money and you’re walking away with the big money!!

Last week the safe betting was on Manchester United, Manchester City, Chesterfield, QPR who are all league leaders all at odds of less than half returns. We don’t believe in those odds and a bet on those teams would have been a huge joke after all four lost.

So on to this weeks picks and we’ve got some great returns for you and in fact of you want to see some real returns, stick West Ham in your list who are a whopping 7/1!!

The 3 Team Banker – Matchweek 5: 05/10/2013

STOKE to beat FULHAM (Away Win)
I never thought I’d be betting against Fulham at home but without a home win all season and 4 losses in the last 5 they’re struggling. After a tough run of matches it’s hoped Stoke can score a couple and take Fulham to their worst start of the season in years.

Walsall haven’t won at home since the first match of the season and despite wins on the road against Crewe and Wolves Bradford have secret weapon Nahki Wells, league second top scorer. League One new boys Bradford are sitting comfortably in 5th right now and in form with only one loss all season back in August.

Watford have performed consistently well against teams at the bottom of the table but whenever they’ve come against a decent squad they’ve struggled. With only one win on the road all season (6-1 against League punching bags Barnsley). Huddersfield are not really off the mark scoring goals but with only one loss so far this campaign you’ve got to think the odds are great for a win here.

Potential returns for a $10 bet:                                                                  $256.23USD
A $20 Trixie (4 bets of $5) yields:                                                                               $258.67USD

N.B. Prices taken from

September 28, 2013

Money Bet of the Century | Week 5 | 2-2

Money Betters-

I'm sitting in a small hostel in Stockholm, Sweden putting the finishing touches on the blog this week. After an extremely delayed flight and aircraft change, I arrived in Stockholm at 3am in the morning. But the staff stepped up and put the pieces together in my absence.  

Last week left us with a shocking loss.  But as you can tell from the top of the page, readers, we've done a new logo for the first time in three years. Nothing to break out of a 2 game cooler like doing a creative refresh. It's got gold, it's got an embossed 'money bet' football, it's got our name in lights---in short, it shouts 'Success'....Big Shout out to Chief Creative Officer at the MBOC, Scott Wood, and his company Wood Design Studios for stepping up in a pinch---stop by his site, check out his portfolio, spend a little time getting to know Jackson Hole, Wyoming's best graphic Designer. Scott is one of a few elite athletes in the world to complete 'The Picnic'---more on that coming soon.

The staff is  still reeling from such a close game between University of Southern California and Southern Utah. USC pulled out a win, but as the game got closer to nearing the end, and the call looked to be souring, I couldn’t help but cheer for Southern Utah. What a win for their program that would have been.

Nevertheless, it was not meant to be. USC has showed us what kind of program they aspire to be. It must have been a pretty silent locker room after the game, knowing that their program lost to Washington State the week before and nearly had just lost to Southern Utah. USC might want to think about asking their opponents to ‘slip on a trojan’ to protect them for a very long and---what they hope will be---forgettable season.

I hear you right now saying “Noreen, stop with the dumb jokes. You lost your pick, just give us the LinkedIn Babe of the Week and get on with it”. Strong call MBOC reader, that’s what I’d be saying as well. Why make excuses when you can be looking at LinkedIn babe instead.

The LBOW comes to us from a reader named Antonio in the United Kingdom. That’s right readers, because the Money Bet of the Century is so global, it is not uncommon for us to get recommendations from readers on different continents. This week's LinkedIn Babe lives in Miami and her name is Lauren. She is a fashion and beauty account executive for the Patton Group--and goes as far as to let everyone know that she is a vice president.  Lauren also claims to have done a short stint at the Salomon Smith Barney, but that was before she was harassed by a shit load of male stock traders and she brought down the firm. Congrats Lauren, you're  the MBOC's babe of the week. I would immediately write home and tell the family of this latest accomplishment.

This week’s matchup is a perennial Big 10 showdown that I look forward to each year---a battle for the heartland. While these two teams aren’t bitter rivals, their teams really pack the fans in. One stadium, Camp Randall, has a seating capacity of 80,321 people. The other team can put 102,319 fans in Ohio Stadium. It’s worth noting that neither stadium can claim to put 107, 282 in Beaver Stadium in State College, PA (The MBOC is flying the entire staff from London out to the Penn State vs. Michigan game on October 12th)

This Wisconsin girl selects the 'Two-Handed Hammer'
technique for beer bonging! :)
Let’s break the teams down. Wisconsin is up to their old tricks, fairly solid (yet untested) quarterback in Joel Stave with his six touchdowns this season. As you would expect, Wisconsin is up to its same ‘Ground and Pound’ offense that it churns out every year.  Wisconsin’s Defense is off to a menacing start this year, only allowing an average of 10 points in 4 games, with two of those being shutouts.

At running back, Melvin Gordon has driven in 7 touchdowns for 624 yards of offense, chewing up some astroturf in his first few outings.

As we’d expect, Wisconsin is looking pretty weak in the air, which means Ohio States corners will be able to anticipate a rush. Jered Abbrederis of Wisconsin is their leading receiver with 365 yards for 3 touchdowns, but he should be pretty effectively neutralized against a strong and quick backfield at Ohio State. All in all, Wisconsin is a pretty decent team.

Are these the shortest jorts known to man?
But-----(you knew it was coming) Ohio State is playing this conference home-opener in the Shoe. Columbus is going to be jacked. (even though Game Day will not be at this location this week, opting for the LSU vs. Georgia game down in Athens). OSU QB Kenny Guiton has 13 touchdowns already this season for 664 yards and has a great go to RB in his man, Jordan Hall, who has rushed for 422 yards and 8 TDs already this season.  Guiton also has a pair of reliable receivers in Devin Smith and Corey Brown. Ohio State is currently putting up 52.5 points a game, which is good for 4th in the country.

Wisconsin already lost a heart breaker to Arizona State (30-32) in Tempe in week 3, but they’ll be looking to play the spoiler at Ohio State for a season which is looking at shaping up as a good one for the Buckeyes.

The line in this game is Ohio State -7 over Wisconsin, but the Buckeyes get it done at home, and stuff the Badgers by 14.

Our early stumbles out of the way, Look to be at 3-2 next week.
Now- For all of you English Football fans, pay attention. Joe is heating up, and is the long tail master of all of those teams you've never heard of. Thinly traded games equal fat payouts if you are paying attention. It's like the penny stock your grandpa keeps telling you about.

Back on track with another 2/3 week so everyone with a Trixie bet took home $45 keeping us in profit for the season but we’re yet to have that big money week we love to see here at MDOTC!!

This week we’ll see all 4 leagues in play and we’ve got some fantastic odds for you as usual picking the holes the bookies have missed. The Premier League this week has no obvious gaps so we’ll be picking from beneath the top flight.

The 3 Team Banker – Matchweek 4: 28/09/2013

LEEDS to beat MILWALL (Away Win)
This is a HUGE game. One of the most bitter rivalries in global football and that’s why it’s up here at the top. Forget the Tottenham vs Chelsea match, that is not historic, if you’re not sure what this is about, take a look  This is a game no form can predict and it’s going to come down to heart. Leeds are a team on the rise and though it’s taken a few years it’s their year this year. Leeds to win a bitter battle 1-0.

Q.P.R. to beat MIDDLESBOROUGH (Home Win)
I still can’t believe the bookies are offering such poorly weighted odds against the undefeated Championship league leaders. They have only conceded 2 goals all season and against a Middlesborough team with one win all season this is a banker. Q.P.R are owed some goals so we predict a 3-0 win for Q.P.R.

PORTSMOUTH to beat YORK (Away win)
What a fall from grace it’s been for the Portsmouth team. 5 years ago they won the FA Cup from the Premier League and now they sit mid-table in League Two. Well this week we’re behind the boys. The odds are cracking on a side who have scored 12 goals against a York side who are leaking at the back recently. The odds are great and I’ll predict 2-1 win for Portsmouth.

Potential returns for a $10 bet:                        $126.00USD
A $20 Trixie (4 bets of $5) yields:                    $145.70USD

N.B. Prices taken from



September 20, 2013

The Money Bet of the Century | Week 3 | 2-1

Money Betters-


Let me say that again: Ouch.

Last week was painful both professionally and personally. Professionally speaking, the Money Bet of the Century lost it's first game of the year. I knew there was something off about that Colonel Sanders' Chicken Linked In Babe of the Week. Bad luck.

Personally, my beloved Penn State. Central Florida? At home? How am I supposed to board the plane in London on October 10th thumping my chest, AMPED for a game against Michigan, when we are losing to Central Florida at home. This is the type of game that --had I been going to school there---would have caused me to drink my self into an oblivion in Joe Molinelli's back yard. Kind of like the Iowa loss my 2nd year of grad school (That was Andy Duffett's back yard).

But---like any other week, we can't contiously beat ourselves up over a past poor performance. We'll move on and take the MBOC to 3-1 next week. 

After last week's bad luck on the Linked in Babe of the Week, we're going down to Texas to find this week's LBOW (Linked in Babe of the Week, for you new readers).

Brought to our attention by Matt C. of the United Kingdom, Corinne spent her days as a student at Concordia University (Canada)  and Austin Community College in the 'Austin, Texas Area'. In her current roll, she 'takes calls, writes down warranties, and keeps a spread sheet of all jobs in the current year with all of the info on the job". Nice work Corinne, we're thinking other employers are going to be impressed with your LinkedIn profile. The good news is that Corinne is working as a model for 'Silvertown', a modeling agency out of Vancouver, Washington. She must be tele-commuting if she truly is still in the Austin Area. She also had a brief stint as a model for Playboy Enterprises, which makes us think that she might have been their Babe of the month for September (she listed that she only worked there one month). I'll have to go back to the subscription and check September 2009 to see if we can find.

On to the pick of the week.

USC Girls. What a great school...
This week, we're going going, back back to Cali. The showdown this week between Utah State and USC is just too tasty to turn down. Sure, we know what you'll say. USC lost to the Cougs just two weeks ago. I agree, USC must be pretty week to lose to the Cougs at home. that hadn't happened in a decade. But--the very next week they shook off the loss to the Cougs and put the hurt down on Boston College in a 35-7 route (at home). USC's defense is currently ranked 8th in the country, and a small school like Utah State is going to have hard times putting up points against a tough Defense.

Cody Kessler looks like a decent quarterback and he just needs time to adjust. So far this season he's put up 373 yards for 3 touchdowns, which isn't a lot, but he's just getting used to his roll. Tre Madden and Justin David have been getting it done on the ground putting together a combined 534 yards for 3 touchdowns so far this year.
Utah State - I'm very pleasantly surprised to find this photo!

Utah State has been rallying behind the consistent arm of Chuckie Keeton. Chuckie has been throwing touchdowns like a beast and has already put up 923 yards for 12 TDs. Joey DeMartino has been his man on the ground, taking the ball to the house 4 times, whereas receiving duty has been split pretty evenly across about 5 primary receivers. 

What the staff sees in this pick is a pretty consistent stream of mediocre receivers and a throwing quarterback, that have been picking apart the defenses of schools like Air Force and Weber State. Air Force? They are 106th in Points against out of 121 schools, everyone is throwing the ball on them. Weber State is in a division below and doesn't even get the courtesy of being ranked 121st, which they easily would be. "They might want to just stick to the sky conference...or whatever conference it is that they are in" (Obscure Washington State reciever quote from Nakoa McElrath after beating Boise State, September 8th, 2001).

The line in this matchup is USC by -6.5...but the odds makers have this one wrong. USC goes on to win by 17 points in this pretty routine defeat in the Coliseum


**update- we found Corinne's work that she did for playboy. Located Here

September 13, 2013

Money Bet of the Century | Week 3 | 2-0

Money Betters-

The MBOC is off to another fantastic start in the 2013-2014 season. We hate to use the phrase "we told you so", but last week was another one of those types of weeks.

We knew Notre Dame was not going to be as sharp as the national media paints them out to be (per the usual), and playing against Michigan in the Big House under the lights is never going to be an easy outing. But that's why we are here year in and year out.....finding those lines that let media sensation influence lines. Notre Dame is a great team to pick on.....consistently getting much more credit then they deserve. Years ago, it used to be Florida State and Miami, but that problem has taken care of itself in recent years. ND ended up losing to Michigan by 11, although we had predicted it would be 14. Easy enough to cover the paltry -4 line they were given.

Thanks again for your Linked In Babe of the Week suggestions. The staff always seems to enjoy pouring over the submissions. We had to setup some rules last year as it seemed they had started spending more time on the babes, rather than a football.

Focus, gentlemen. Focus.

The Good 'Ol Colonel with signature bow tie
This week's LBOW comes to us from another reader submission. Ty R. lives in Charlotte and stumbled upon Misty Arnold. Although my first impression of Misty Arnold is that she is dressed like Colonel Sanders, I'm gonna let it slide....(and I'm also going to leave out the tasteless finger licking good joke.....wait, I guess I just didn't). Misty lives in North Carolina and recently worked for  Halogen TV and was a production manager on a ton of different television shows. That's pretty cool. But in 2013, she flew the coup and went solo --doing her own Freelance work as a production manager. I like your style, Misty. Tell the man no and do it yourself! We wondered what type of college football fan Misty was, because if it's North Carolina or're going to be waiting a while for a championship. But regardless of where your allegiance falls, we salute you as this week's Linked in Babe of the Week! It's an elite group---and your eligible for all the rights and privileges reserved for that fraternity....which would be.....hmmm, bragging rights?!

On to this week's game. This one was a clear cut easy call for me this week, because this line is so misplaced that one of my eye's nearly dropped out of my head when I saw it. Penn State is off to a good start---but they haven't played anyone yet. Being an Alum of Penn State, of course I'm biased towards the program, but the first 3 games of the year are a layup by anyone's standards. After the loss of Joe Paterno, we found the right man for the job. Facing enormous headwinds in scholarship reductions, bowl eligibility, and transfer rights--Bill O'Brien has proven unflappable. Losing both a high quality running back (we won't mention his name, he's injured---and his team just lost to Washington State last week!) and kicker proved devastating to Penn State last year. But through it all, the team still went 8-4. Take back those first two games where Sam Ficken was learning how to kick, and we would have finished 10-2. And Bill O'Brien can win on the

road--Nebraska and Virginia were his only two road losses in his tenure. And what about that OT win versus Wisconsin last year, what a way to finish the season.
Penn State Girls. Yes.....

This year Penn State is back, and looking okay to start the season. The first game versus Syracuse in the opener was not a triumphant win, but we'll take the W. Last week's win was a strong one, but the Eastern Michigan Eagles ain't much. It's the nice type of soft launch that we needed to get going, however, and Hackenburg is settling in---putting up 589 yards and 3TDs in the first two games. Hackenburg has found a steady target in Allen Robinson, hauling in 2 td grabs for 262 yards already this season. Bill Belton looks solid with the ball, dropping 127 yards in the first two games for 2 tds. He'll need to step up this year if Penn State wants to do well.

University of Central Florida is off to a good start. Blake Bortles, hailing from Oviedo, Florida, is a solid 6-4, 230 pound Junior. He's had a great career at UCF, and it isn't his first rodeo--he through for 3000 yards last year while helping the team put up a 10 win season (10-4) culminating with a win over Ball State in the Beef O Brady's Bowl in St. Petersburg, Florida. He has a reliable target in Storm Johnson, where he's gone for 30 points this season already-----but that type of Storm ain't gonna blow so hard in Happy Valley.

The line on this game is a jaw dropping -5.5 for Penn State. I think Penn State struggles early on in this matchup, and the defenses prevail for the first half. Penn State will prove too much for UCF in the second half, and Penn State will go on to win by 13.

An unsurprising amount of babes 'rep' UCF. Here's one.
Last week, Joe Clarke brought you the first ever British Bantam Betting on English Premier Soccer. He damn near nailed that parlay as well, with 2 of the teams hitting and the third ending in a shameful tie (that's why we don't end games in ties in America. :)    )

Regardless, Joe's picks have been very spot on, and you have to remember he's playing for a 3 team parlay---so if it hits, you're going to be rich, and he's recommending you drop just small bets until his sage advice pays off. Sounds good to us, so he's back again this week.

The 3 Team Banker – 13/09/2013


FULHAM to beat WEST BROM (Home Win)

The first week back after the transfer window closes can be a tricky one but after muted spending they’ll surely want to give the home fans something to cheer for. The Midfield will benefit from the experience of ex-International Scott Parker both suring up the back and danger coming forwards. Great odds on a team who play their best football at home against a shaky away side.


TRANMERE to beat BRENTFORD (Home win)

With their first choice goalkeeper suspended and a thrashing on the road last weekend Brentford are there for the taking. Tranmere is a tough ground to visit and after a rough start to the season taking on some of the big boys they’ll be looking to build on recent performances and take 3 points from Brentford.



Call me crazy but I’m calling it again. Peterborough will win on the road this weekend. A club famed for scoring with some serious fire power we can expect them to take on one of the league favourites and try to make up for what was lost last week. Expect high scores in this game with defense taking a back seat to both teams looking simply to score more than the other (shocking).



Potential returns for a $10 bet:         $196.88USD

A $20 Trixie (4 bets of $5) yields:             $210.94USD


N.B. Prices taken from