October 8, 2010

The Money Bet of the Century | Week 6

Money Betters-

But this time this week, if you are not sitting on a Caribbean beach with a beautiful babe on your lap and a drink in your hand...wondering if you want to eat 'Surf or Turf' for dinner this evening....you have only yourself to blame. As Promised....


has enough potential to damage as a ton of bricks slamming into a bag of feathers! You were disappointed that you had lost money in week 4, and we delivered a solution to your problem. So...if you are sitting in your office reading this, you need to question your ability to bet on a good deal when you see one.

The 'Bears were what we THOUGHT they were' in the UCLA vs. WSU game. WSU actually ended up hanging around in this game....and there was a point in the game where I thought we were actually going to win the game. But as predicted, the combined point total was nowhere close to the 50.5 Over/Under spread predicted by Vegas. Combined score ended up being a whopping 70 points....the same line set for the Washington State vs. Oregon game this weekend. Half of me wants to say that game will score over 70, as well.

On to the Money Bet of the Century.....there isn't a lot of good games this weekend. MBOC Feel Correspondent Dustin Schnaitman likes Michigan State to win outright over Michigan, which after seeing the gutsy play calling of Sparty this year, could definitely happen. I'm worried of the crowd getting behind Denard Robinson. The MBOC is going to predict a Heisman Trophy at the end of next season for young Denard.

This week's game will be Pittsburgh @ Notre Dame.
Notre Dame looked good last week in their 31-13 handling of Boston College. But then again....it is Boston College. Dayne Crist has a phenomenol first quarter, driving down the field and helping the Irish put the game out of reach early on. Still, Notre Dame has proven when it comes to a substantial opponent, often times they come up short. Who could forget the play 'Little Giants' a few weeks ago, when Sparty sneaked the field goal then dumped the ball of to their tight end for the game winning score. What you didn't see was that the tight end ended up right in the Notre Dame band section, and their celebration for the score knocked around some of the ND Band Members. Talk about adding injury to insult (about 40 seconds in)....Here's a recap of that if you didn't see it enough times on Sportscenter.

Pittsburgh is one of those teams that always ends up doing better than you thought they were going to do. My old business school roommate Matt Michaux would make me a bet every year (usually after a few Yuengling beers) and he'd say "I'll bet you 5 bucks that Pitt ends up in the top 15". Well....he was wrong both years I bet him....but to give him credit, it came down to the last game both years.....and if they would have won, they would have silently finished out the year in the top 15. They are good......sneakily so. Utah is #10 in the country and damn near lost to Pitt in the first week of the season. Past that, Pitt's only lost is to Miami, where they were fairly well beaten. Other than that, their two wins have been by an average of 2.5 points. Weak sisters you say.... (Florida International and New Hampshire)...!!! You won't get any argument from me there....but the point is that they have the offensive power to put up points, and they've been fine tuning it against lesser opponents. Dion Lewis did not play in Week 5, and in my opinion....he is an NFL caliber running back that should be in the outside discussion of a Heisman Candidate. But once again.....Pitt just kind of does its thing....quietly. Now you might ask yourself....are these girls really from the University of Pittsburgh. Dude.....Who cares!

So here's the scoop. This game is at Notre Dame, and touchdown Jesus will be staring down at the field from the endzone hoping for another Notre Dame win. The line is Notre Dame by -6.5 which makes me leery, because a touchdown wins the spread for them. But the Panters are poised to take a bite out of some Irish ass. Look for Pitt to win this game and for Dion Lewis, now back and healthy, to run for 175. Panthers win this game by 7 in South Bend!!! Don't agree?!?! Tell me about it below....

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