October 27, 2012

The Money Bet of the Century | Week 9

Money Betters-

The MBOC is back after our Bye week last week, a mandatory break that Vegas makes us take each year because they need a chance to win back some of their money from people who are winning cash by reading the Money Bet of the Century.

Unfortunately, two weeks ago, we missed the Kansas State game by 1 point. True, K-State went on to win the game but---in this case---it was just one point shy of hitting its mark.

This week, we'll pick a game that will make up for that unfortunate miss.

This game doesn't fall far from the MBOC's Corporate Headquarters in Seattle, Washington. The game is an epic battle between Oregon State vs. Washington.

I'll never forget this same game in 2000. Oregon State came marching up to Husky Stadium looking like the best team in the country.Who would have knownn that the team, led by Dennis Erickson (who has coached almost every single college team in the country) would graduate so many players to the NFL. On that roster were all-star recievers TJ Houshmandzadeh, Chad 'Ocho Cinco' Johnson and running back Steven Jackson. A true all star cast.

Oregon State's famous Sara Jean Underwood
But the Huskies were ready to play this game tough, and assembled a tough (and at that time #11 ranked team) to face off against the Beavs. Coug-Killer Cody Pickett came out slinging the ball and Oregon State fell 30-33 in a late 4th Quarter field goal by UW. It was their only loss on the season that year, as Oregon State went on to face off against Notre Dame in the Fiesta Bowl, crushing the Irish 41-9 in Sun Devil Stadium. What could have been, Oregon State....what could have been. Take back that loss and this star-studded Oregon State team would have gone on to win the National Championship.

This year, the Huskies will be no match for the (very similarly) undefeated Beavs....and they aren't going to be playing a #11 ranked Husky Team (who is fresh off an ass-whooping last week down in Tucson where they lost to the Arizona Wildcats 52-17)

University of Washington girls....in the library
The self-admittedly steady Keith Price will get the game ball for Washington. He's had a pretty decent season throwing for 1336 yards and 8 touchdowns. He'll be looking downfield for Sammamish's own Kasen Williams and Austin Seferian-Jenkins. One has to wonde what will happen if Austin Seferian-Jenkins meets a woman who is independent and decides she wants to hyphenate her last name. Maybe they will produce another athelete sone with a name like James Seferian-Jenkins-Jones??? More on that in 20 years.

Oregon State comes into this game being a prolific passing offense (currently #15 in the country, with an average 310 passing yards per game). Pleasanton, California's Sophomore QB Sean Mannion is looking wholesome and fresh this season  (subtle nod to Safeway, whose corporate headquarters are also in Pleasanton, CA) with 1358 yards and 7 TDs. His primary target, who the MBOC predicts will have 2 touchdowns today, will be Markus Wheaton. So far Markus has had a great year, catching 6 TD passes for 654 yards. Turncoat Desmond Trufant (whose much more well known brother, Marcus Trufant attended Washington State University and went on to an illustrious career in the NFL) will have to have a game and coordinate a defensive shutdown of the Mannion/Wheaton.

But it won't be enough to replicate a 2000 victory for UW......the line on this game is Oregon State by 3.5....and they'll post up a 10 point victory in Seattle!!!!!! Now go lay a bet (and don't forget to vote in the upper right hand corner)


October 12, 2012

Money Bet of the Century | Week 7 | 2-4

Money Betters-

It's called a heater. 

And the MBOC is on one.

If you weren't a believer before, you definitely are reading at the right time. To recap, the MBOC started out the year cold. Uncharacteristically cold. But like Penn State, which is on a 4 game winning streak.....(and furthermore could be undefeated if they had a field goal kicker that could drain a 35 yarder)...the MBOC is back and cranking on all cylinders.

Last week's Money Bet was the Gameday 'Game of the Week', and an almost shutout of #5 Georgia. The last 7 points were garbage points, as SC and 'Head Ball Coach' went on to show they are one of the best teams in the country in early October. Hey.....I TOLD YOU THAT SC COULD GO! CLICK CLACK!

LinkedIn babe of the week is back. Thanks for the recommendation coming internationally from Tim W in Germany. Congratulations Alexandra Cohen of the 'Greater New York City Area'. Your work at Michael Kors as a Licensing Coordinator makes you 'fashion forward', and your degree from Southern Methodist University lets us know you are a rule breaker. Good double combo, Alexandra. Hope those yanks aren't giving you too much of a hard time up in new york with the southern accent.

Morale has been good around the office, as we look forward to some great games this weekend. Field Correspondent and longtime Oregon State supporter Otis Kimzey is "nervous about it, personally"
He acknowledges that "BYU has a highly ranked Run Defense--- and with a backup QB, it's going to be tough". BYU is favored by 5, but you can't count Oregon State out of the game at this point.

For all of the Big 12 conference fans, the time-honored Red River Shootout is this weekend in Cowboys Stadium. Should be a good game as always. Oklahoma is favored in that game by 3.5 in that game, but Texas wants to make their only loss to West Virginia look like a fluke OT loss. Kick off temp is 77 in that game with winds out of the Southwest at 10-15 miles per hour. Not sure why you need to know that stat, but maybe it will be important.

Friends, the game of the week happens at high noon tomorrow in Aimes, Iowa at Jack Trice Stadium. And it really was not a complicated pick this week. My man Collin Klein's going to be looking to get it done against the Cyclones. Klein has thrown for 887 yards this year and 7 touchdowns. But the real strength of this K State team lies in the rush. Not only can Collin thrown the ball, but he's the dual threat rush. He's already 73 times for 405 yards, but you can also bet  that John Hubert will be getting the ball for a little ground and pound. The Junior out of Waco, Texas is having the beginning of a nice little season with 527 yards and 8 TDs. When the run gets jammed up, Collin will be looking to my boy Tramaine Thompson to get open against Iowa States CB defense. He's averaging 16.9 yards a catch this season with 3 tds. Look for him to pick up 1 in this game.

Iowa State is riding high after their win last week against TCU. Oh how the mighty have fallen. Does anyone remember when TCU was in the national championship conversation? Guess what happens when you aren't playing weekly cupcakes?

Iowa Defense should put up a pretty good fight against the K-State run but Iowa State has dropped four straight in this series -- since a 31-20 win in the Wildcats' last visit to Ames on Nov. 3, 2007. Additionally, Iowa State had lost 11 straight home games against ranked opponents -- by an average of 21.1 point.

The line in this game is Kansas State by -6.5, perfect to win by a touchdown. But they go bigger then that...K-State wins by 14! So get out there and go lay a bet, it's MBOC approved!!

October 6, 2012

Money Bet of the Century | Week 6 | 1-4

Money Betters-

Well, it took a few weeks, but alas--the losing streak has been broken. The staff apologies for the late post this week, as everyone from the company was at the Sigmar/Coutee wedding last night. Festivities carried on until late in the night, and it was hard to shake up the team this morning to have a 'Meeting of the Minds' meeting.

We're very interested in continuing our winning ways, which started last week with a University of Texas win. The staff mulled this important game over before picking it, and had determined that the Longhorns would win by 7. As it turned out, that wasn't far off of the mark with Texas winninig 41-36. Joseph Randle had a big game putting up 200 yards and 2TDs on a pretty decent Oklahoma State Defense. Spirits were high around the office this week after finally getting it right.

We decided to invest in a little bit of office moral boosting last week, and I personally fronted the cost for the whole team to get out to the Washington State vs. Oregon game. Although the Cougs were not victorious, everyone was in agreeance that the first half was a solid effort by the Cougs. I can't remember a time when I was that excited to be at a Coug game, and they put out a very impressive first half effort. Keep up the good work Cougs, you're making headway and if we keep improving like this, we'll be at the top of the 'Pac' in no time.

This week, we're looking to continue our winning ways. A lot of good games around the country today, but we've settled on the Gameday matchup between Georgia and South Carolina.

This is how University of South Carolina
sell jerseys....
The matchup today pits a couple undefeated teams in Georgia and South Carolina in a home matchup for South Carolina at Williams Brice Stadium. This game will be an interesting one, as South Carolina currently only allows 11.6 PPG, the #6 team in the country in points allowed. Marcus Lattimore will be looking to get it done today against the Bulldogs. After missing 6 games last year due to a knee injury, he's definitely going to be out to prove he's a 100%. So far he's off to a good start- the junior from Duncan, South Carolina has already tallied 440 yards and 8 touchdowns. And let's not forget what he did to Georgia in 2010, rushing for 182 yards and two touchdowns in a 17-6 nailbiting win.

Georgia girls at the tailgate.
On the other side of the ball, Georgia has a potent offense.  Aaron Murray has completed more than 58 percent of his passes thrown 20 yards or more downfield with no interceptions this season. Last season, Murray completed more than half of his 20-yard throws in just two of his 14 games. You can bet that Todd Gurley will be getting some touches this afternoon. The 6'1" 218 pound freshman from Tarboro, N.C. has already got his fair share of play time this year. He's carried the ball 68 times for  536 yards and 9 touchdowns. It's going to be up to South Carolina's defense to focus on Gurley and shut him down.

The Gamecocks are playing at home, in a nationally televised NIGHT GAME. You can bet the crowd will be rowdy and fired up from a full day of tailgating, and "Head Ball Coach" knows that this is a must win situation for SC if they hope to continue their winning momentum going into next week when they play LSU (currently in a battle against Florida in the swamp).

Gamecocks are favored in this matchup by 1, but they win by 7 at home. You can lay a BET on it!!!!!!!