September 23, 2010

The Money Bet of the Century | Week #4

Money Betters-

A triumphant win was registered last week here at the MBOC. Nebraska made the trip out from their 'fly-over-frozen state' to the great city of Seattle. Here at Ground Zero, there was a plethora of Nebraska Red Sweatshirts and hideous 'Mom Jeans' walking around the city looking wide-eyed up at the skyscrapers. People from Nebraska probably didn't even know that buildings were even built that tall! ha! But true to form....the corn huskers shucked their way into town and handily took care of the Washington pups. As we predicted, Jake 'The Hype' Locker didn't really ever lead his team to anything other than another disappointing loss. He was able to rack up the awe-inspiring statistics of 4 of 20 for a total 71 yards. He also scrambled for a less-than-desirable 51 yards as the Huskies went on to lose the game 56-21. As MBOC field correspondent Jeff Wood aptly put it, "well, at least Washington's semi-fans will put their purple and yellow sweatshirts away until next fall and we won't have to hear any more talk of the "resurgent" huskies for another year"......very true, Jeff. Guess the re-surge will have to wait at least one more year.

This week, there are some interesting games to choose from. One big contender is the Pac-10 match up between California and Arizona. Arizona looks hot coming off of their big win over #9 Iowa. As it turns out, Iowa isn't very good when they come out West. Something like their last 7 trips out West have ended in humiliation. It's ridiculous to even think that this Arizona team cannot beat a stumbling-bumbling California team by 7 (California got taken behind the wood shed by Nevada last week).

I also like Oregon to defeat Arizona State by 12. Oregon looks like the team to beat right now in the Pac-10, and is the #1 scoring offense in the country (averaging 63 points) and the #1 Defense (allowing 3 points).

Nevertheless, the Money Bet of the Century game this century....will be Texas vs. UCLA. Anyone who has watched UCLA play this year will quickly determine that this team isn't very good. This UCLA team is ranked #118 in the country in Passing Yards and 105th in the country in Points for (17.7). They are also in the bottom 1/3 of allowing points, allowing on average 26.3 points per game. Their Quarterback Kevin Prince might sound like royalty, but he only threw for 99 yards with 0 touchdowns in their 31-13 win over the Houston Cougars.
So the Houston Cougars lose another game.....they are used to losing....who will ever forget a couple years ago when the Oregon Ducks Mascot beat the living crap out of their mascot. If you forgot, watch it again here:

In short....UCLA is terrible...but at least the MBOC reporters were able to uncover a few great photos of some of their great looking co-eds.

Texas comes into this game with something to prove. They've got to claw their way up the rankings if they want to get back into the national title game again this year. And to be honest, they've got a shot. If they can get through a couple tough games in the next couple weeks (Oklahoma & the Red River Shoot Out coming up next week, and then a tough road game at Nebraska), they'll be sitting in the cat bird seat......but that's a big 'if' at this point. Texas' defense is looking pretty good, only allowing 12.7 points per game (9th best in the country). They are only mediocre in other categories in offense in rushing, but this could be a game they look back on later this year as a break out game. They need to make a statement going into week #4 that Oklahoma and Nebraska can start being worried about. Texas is badly missing their star quarterback from last season, Colt McCoy, but Garrett Gilbert is starting to look like a QB that can step up to the plate. Last week he threw for 227 yards and 2TD. If he can just get a little bit more control on the ball, we won't be seeing numbers like 3 interceptions. You can bet that Mack Brown has been on his ass this week about ball control...but you can expect these types of situations when you are dealing with a true sophomore qb.

Texas gets it together this week and enters the national championship conversation, but still has some groundwork to cover before playing Oklahoma next week. Look for Texas to 'HOOK' A growl-less UCLA Bruin team this week by 24!!! Is this the call of the century??? Don't forget to post your thoughts below and make sure that you vote in the upper right hand corner!!


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  1. Good Call Dave. I really like Arizona to Cover against Cal as well. Lay the favorite, baby!