September 28, 2013

Money Bet of the Century | Week 5 | 2-2

Money Betters-

I'm sitting in a small hostel in Stockholm, Sweden putting the finishing touches on the blog this week. After an extremely delayed flight and aircraft change, I arrived in Stockholm at 3am in the morning. But the staff stepped up and put the pieces together in my absence.  

Last week left us with a shocking loss.  But as you can tell from the top of the page, readers, we've done a new logo for the first time in three years. Nothing to break out of a 2 game cooler like doing a creative refresh. It's got gold, it's got an embossed 'money bet' football, it's got our name in lights---in short, it shouts 'Success'....Big Shout out to Chief Creative Officer at the MBOC, Scott Wood, and his company Wood Design Studios for stepping up in a pinch---stop by his site, check out his portfolio, spend a little time getting to know Jackson Hole, Wyoming's best graphic Designer. Scott is one of a few elite athletes in the world to complete 'The Picnic'---more on that coming soon.

The staff is  still reeling from such a close game between University of Southern California and Southern Utah. USC pulled out a win, but as the game got closer to nearing the end, and the call looked to be souring, I couldn’t help but cheer for Southern Utah. What a win for their program that would have been.

Nevertheless, it was not meant to be. USC has showed us what kind of program they aspire to be. It must have been a pretty silent locker room after the game, knowing that their program lost to Washington State the week before and nearly had just lost to Southern Utah. USC might want to think about asking their opponents to ‘slip on a trojan’ to protect them for a very long and---what they hope will be---forgettable season.

I hear you right now saying “Noreen, stop with the dumb jokes. You lost your pick, just give us the LinkedIn Babe of the Week and get on with it”. Strong call MBOC reader, that’s what I’d be saying as well. Why make excuses when you can be looking at LinkedIn babe instead.

The LBOW comes to us from a reader named Antonio in the United Kingdom. That’s right readers, because the Money Bet of the Century is so global, it is not uncommon for us to get recommendations from readers on different continents. This week's LinkedIn Babe lives in Miami and her name is Lauren. She is a fashion and beauty account executive for the Patton Group--and goes as far as to let everyone know that she is a vice president.  Lauren also claims to have done a short stint at the Salomon Smith Barney, but that was before she was harassed by a shit load of male stock traders and she brought down the firm. Congrats Lauren, you're  the MBOC's babe of the week. I would immediately write home and tell the family of this latest accomplishment.

This week’s matchup is a perennial Big 10 showdown that I look forward to each year---a battle for the heartland. While these two teams aren’t bitter rivals, their teams really pack the fans in. One stadium, Camp Randall, has a seating capacity of 80,321 people. The other team can put 102,319 fans in Ohio Stadium. It’s worth noting that neither stadium can claim to put 107, 282 in Beaver Stadium in State College, PA (The MBOC is flying the entire staff from London out to the Penn State vs. Michigan game on October 12th)

This Wisconsin girl selects the 'Two-Handed Hammer'
technique for beer bonging! :)
Let’s break the teams down. Wisconsin is up to their old tricks, fairly solid (yet untested) quarterback in Joel Stave with his six touchdowns this season. As you would expect, Wisconsin is up to its same ‘Ground and Pound’ offense that it churns out every year.  Wisconsin’s Defense is off to a menacing start this year, only allowing an average of 10 points in 4 games, with two of those being shutouts.

At running back, Melvin Gordon has driven in 7 touchdowns for 624 yards of offense, chewing up some astroturf in his first few outings.

As we’d expect, Wisconsin is looking pretty weak in the air, which means Ohio States corners will be able to anticipate a rush. Jered Abbrederis of Wisconsin is their leading receiver with 365 yards for 3 touchdowns, but he should be pretty effectively neutralized against a strong and quick backfield at Ohio State. All in all, Wisconsin is a pretty decent team.

Are these the shortest jorts known to man?
But-----(you knew it was coming) Ohio State is playing this conference home-opener in the Shoe. Columbus is going to be jacked. (even though Game Day will not be at this location this week, opting for the LSU vs. Georgia game down in Athens). OSU QB Kenny Guiton has 13 touchdowns already this season for 664 yards and has a great go to RB in his man, Jordan Hall, who has rushed for 422 yards and 8 TDs already this season.  Guiton also has a pair of reliable receivers in Devin Smith and Corey Brown. Ohio State is currently putting up 52.5 points a game, which is good for 4th in the country.

Wisconsin already lost a heart breaker to Arizona State (30-32) in Tempe in week 3, but they’ll be looking to play the spoiler at Ohio State for a season which is looking at shaping up as a good one for the Buckeyes.

The line in this game is Ohio State -7 over Wisconsin, but the Buckeyes get it done at home, and stuff the Badgers by 14.

Our early stumbles out of the way, Look to be at 3-2 next week.
Now- For all of you English Football fans, pay attention. Joe is heating up, and is the long tail master of all of those teams you've never heard of. Thinly traded games equal fat payouts if you are paying attention. It's like the penny stock your grandpa keeps telling you about.

Back on track with another 2/3 week so everyone with a Trixie bet took home $45 keeping us in profit for the season but we’re yet to have that big money week we love to see here at MDOTC!!

This week we’ll see all 4 leagues in play and we’ve got some fantastic odds for you as usual picking the holes the bookies have missed. The Premier League this week has no obvious gaps so we’ll be picking from beneath the top flight.

The 3 Team Banker – Matchweek 4: 28/09/2013

LEEDS to beat MILWALL (Away Win)
This is a HUGE game. One of the most bitter rivalries in global football and that’s why it’s up here at the top. Forget the Tottenham vs Chelsea match, that is not historic, if you’re not sure what this is about, take a look  This is a game no form can predict and it’s going to come down to heart. Leeds are a team on the rise and though it’s taken a few years it’s their year this year. Leeds to win a bitter battle 1-0.

Q.P.R. to beat MIDDLESBOROUGH (Home Win)
I still can’t believe the bookies are offering such poorly weighted odds against the undefeated Championship league leaders. They have only conceded 2 goals all season and against a Middlesborough team with one win all season this is a banker. Q.P.R are owed some goals so we predict a 3-0 win for Q.P.R.

PORTSMOUTH to beat YORK (Away win)
What a fall from grace it’s been for the Portsmouth team. 5 years ago they won the FA Cup from the Premier League and now they sit mid-table in League Two. Well this week we’re behind the boys. The odds are cracking on a side who have scored 12 goals against a York side who are leaking at the back recently. The odds are great and I’ll predict 2-1 win for Portsmouth.

Potential returns for a $10 bet:                        $126.00USD
A $20 Trixie (4 bets of $5) yields:                    $145.70USD

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  1. I'm liking Arizona to not only cover the 10 pts they are getting against UW but even win outright.