September 6, 2013

The Money Bet of the Century | Week 2 | 1-0....and introducing....

Money Betters-


It's a rhetorical question, you really don't have to reply and say "The Money Bet of the Century". But you could if you wanted to. I love the attention. And just when you are releasing that contemptuous snicker into the coffee you are sipping, left hand on your Friday donut, ---we have an extra treat for you this week, so get ready for a multinational surprise this week. Keep reading.

Last week the MBOC was almost exactly spot on, as Alabama went on to beat Virginia Tech in a rout 35-10. (25 points, our staff said 24 points. *DING* WINNER). Only a few minutes after the game started (and this was an 8:30 PM shotgun(beer) start time), my Dutch roommate Birgit was asking if I could help explain how American Football worked. "No Problem", I said, "You are going to be an American Football knowledge factory by the end of the season. We'll start with this play". Well, that "play" happened to be a 72 yard Christion Jones run back as Alabama took first possession of the ball.  I went ballistic, knowing that the MBOC was well on it's way to a starting win of the season. Birgit, clearly didn't understand what was happening, but I was screaming at her "MONEY BET!!!!! MONEY BET'S COMIN' THROUGH THIS WEEK, BIATCHES!!! WOOO! Now---self-Admittedly, I probably just delivered the most confusing (but most important) first lesson in college football. Go ape shit because you can!!!!

It was a special night for Christion Jones and Alabama, as Christion Jones became the first Alabama player to have two runbacks (for touchdowns) in the same night since at least the 1940's.

I want to thank the readers for continuing to forward their favorite LBOWs. This week the staff compiled 28 submissions from all over the globe. We poured through all of them, really took our time carefully considering the candidates (some of the staff took a creepy amount of time considering the candidates). Some of the submissions came in from as far as Australia, but also the good ol' US of A. The winner this week, as picked by the MBOC staff, comes to us from Alexander B. of Stockholm, Sweden. Malin does more than sell the deal of the day in her career at Groupon, she is the deal of the day.

She started her career at 'The Dollar Store' as a 'Buyer'. Ha. Let me guess what your upper limit on the price you will be pay for inventory for the store when you are a buyer for the Dollar Store. But if you are about to 'discount' her---you shouldn't--- she will roll your ass up with some multilingual skills in Swedish, English or Chinese. Thank you Alexander. Here's her deets:

On to the pick of the week ----- > This week we are starting to get into some good games. A quick look down the MBOCs official line list (Thanks to MBOC staffer Adam Smith for recommending: Vegas Insider) shows some pretty good games. I almost went after Oregon vs. Virginia game. I think Oregon has a shot at the National Championship this year. Last week was a joke against Nichols State, and the line was 59 and they still covered. Firing on all cylinders. We know MBOC reader Sherry Rogers, the Ultimate Duck Fan, is out there somewhere drinking a Pendleton whiskey, and very happy at her National Championship hopes thus far.  The Clemson vs. South Carolina State game is another opportunity to win. You're telling me Clemson --fresh of their Georgia win last week-- can't beat SC State by -10?. And Georgia by -3.5 at home versus 'Head Ball Coach' and the Gamecocks. That's a bold call, I could see South Carolina walking away with that one.

But those aren't the bests we're going with. We're going with a time-honored rivalry game that's being played early in the season. I love this match up. The match up this week is Notre Dame vs. Michigan in the Big House. Why? Did anyone see Michigan play last week? Yes I know it was the Central Michigan Chippewas, but it was Michigan's best home opener in 100 years, and they always play cream puffs. Not only that, but the D was nasty---they broke the QB's clavicle and a Running Back's ankle. Brutal opener for the Chips. And this week??? A night game vs. Notre Dame under the lights of the 3rd biggest sporting stadium in the world, the Big House. it's an early test for Michigan, and they'll be ready--firing on all cylinders. The line is -4.....but the Wolverines make the Irish not so lucky, beating them by 14 before an electric crowd. 1am start time for me here in London, so I'll be watching Live!!!

What do you think---Don't forget to comment below or vote in the upper right hand corner!

Now, the staff promised you something exciting, because the Money Bet of the Century is global.  Please allow me to introduce you to Joe Clarke----a gambling resource we hooked up with as soon as the MBOC plane wheels hit the ground in London. Joe is from Yorkshire in North England, so you have to read this next part with a proper Yorkshire accent. If you don't know, look it up. He'll be giving you the inside scoop on some English Football from time to time. So take advantage of the think market in the US and make yourself some money there. Without further ado---our international office has put together 'British Bantam Betting'--

From a very rainy Friday in London England let me extend a thoroughly warm welcome and a good morning readers in the United States of America.

Let’s get a couple of things straight from the get go, I am British and I will not be pandering to Yankee sensibilities so let’s clarify something, we’re talking about football. The game was established in 1519 over 250 years before the declaration of independence so let’s have no mention of soccer here. And I don't do the LinkedIn Babe of the Week (LBOW), I give you singing babes:

This column will offer those in search of better returns a parlay of 3 teams to really rake in the big bucks. Case and point, tonight the glorious nation of England are all but guaranteed by Vegas to take down Moldova, where is the fun in 5% returns?

For the most part you can expect my tips to cover all 4 football leagues from the dizzy heights of the Barclays Premier League to the trap door at the foot of the SkyBet League 2.  With a bookie on each corner, the aim of the game here is finding those killer odds for the cash return we love here at Money Bet of the Century.

The 3 Team Banker – 07/09/2013

With the league’s top striker Nahki Wells on top form having just won league player of the month and 3 other transfers fighter for a place in the squad you can expect goals a plenty from the home side. The Bradford City defence hasn’t conceded once at home this season and these odds are a steal!!

With Wolves and Leyton Orient topping the table but without a game this weekend it’s in the hands of Peterborough to go top. Assombalonga is the league’s second top scorer and a club famed for having the least no-score draws in the football league you know there will be goals.

This price is absolutely insane as Wimbledon sit beneath two giants who face off together making that automatic promotion slot totally available tomorrow. York striker Jarvis is in fine form but without a win since the opening day of the season and with Wimbledon winning 3 of the last 4 games this bet is on the odds alone, a spectacular price!

Potential returns for a $10 bet: $143.18USD

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