September 20, 2013

The Money Bet of the Century | Week 3 | 2-1

Money Betters-


Let me say that again: Ouch.

Last week was painful both professionally and personally. Professionally speaking, the Money Bet of the Century lost it's first game of the year. I knew there was something off about that Colonel Sanders' Chicken Linked In Babe of the Week. Bad luck.

Personally, my beloved Penn State. Central Florida? At home? How am I supposed to board the plane in London on October 10th thumping my chest, AMPED for a game against Michigan, when we are losing to Central Florida at home. This is the type of game that --had I been going to school there---would have caused me to drink my self into an oblivion in Joe Molinelli's back yard. Kind of like the Iowa loss my 2nd year of grad school (That was Andy Duffett's back yard).

But---like any other week, we can't contiously beat ourselves up over a past poor performance. We'll move on and take the MBOC to 3-1 next week. 

After last week's bad luck on the Linked in Babe of the Week, we're going down to Texas to find this week's LBOW (Linked in Babe of the Week, for you new readers).

Brought to our attention by Matt C. of the United Kingdom, Corinne spent her days as a student at Concordia University (Canada)  and Austin Community College in the 'Austin, Texas Area'. In her current roll, she 'takes calls, writes down warranties, and keeps a spread sheet of all jobs in the current year with all of the info on the job". Nice work Corinne, we're thinking other employers are going to be impressed with your LinkedIn profile. The good news is that Corinne is working as a model for 'Silvertown', a modeling agency out of Vancouver, Washington. She must be tele-commuting if she truly is still in the Austin Area. She also had a brief stint as a model for Playboy Enterprises, which makes us think that she might have been their Babe of the month for September (she listed that she only worked there one month). I'll have to go back to the subscription and check September 2009 to see if we can find.

On to the pick of the week.

USC Girls. What a great school...
This week, we're going going, back back to Cali. The showdown this week between Utah State and USC is just too tasty to turn down. Sure, we know what you'll say. USC lost to the Cougs just two weeks ago. I agree, USC must be pretty week to lose to the Cougs at home. that hadn't happened in a decade. But--the very next week they shook off the loss to the Cougs and put the hurt down on Boston College in a 35-7 route (at home). USC's defense is currently ranked 8th in the country, and a small school like Utah State is going to have hard times putting up points against a tough Defense.

Cody Kessler looks like a decent quarterback and he just needs time to adjust. So far this season he's put up 373 yards for 3 touchdowns, which isn't a lot, but he's just getting used to his roll. Tre Madden and Justin David have been getting it done on the ground putting together a combined 534 yards for 3 touchdowns so far this year.
Utah State - I'm very pleasantly surprised to find this photo!

Utah State has been rallying behind the consistent arm of Chuckie Keeton. Chuckie has been throwing touchdowns like a beast and has already put up 923 yards for 12 TDs. Joey DeMartino has been his man on the ground, taking the ball to the house 4 times, whereas receiving duty has been split pretty evenly across about 5 primary receivers. 

What the staff sees in this pick is a pretty consistent stream of mediocre receivers and a throwing quarterback, that have been picking apart the defenses of schools like Air Force and Weber State. Air Force? They are 106th in Points against out of 121 schools, everyone is throwing the ball on them. Weber State is in a division below and doesn't even get the courtesy of being ranked 121st, which they easily would be. "They might want to just stick to the sky conference...or whatever conference it is that they are in" (Obscure Washington State reciever quote from Nakoa McElrath after beating Boise State, September 8th, 2001).

The line in this matchup is USC by -6.5...but the odds makers have this one wrong. USC goes on to win by 17 points in this pretty routine defeat in the Coliseum


**update- we found Corinne's work that she did for playboy. Located Here

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