October 5, 2013

Money Bet of the Century | Week 6 | Record: 2-2-1

Money Betters-

Last week something happened that doesn't happen very often at the MBOC. We pushed. Ohio State vs. Wisconsin in the shoe, and Ohio State won by exactly 7 points. That means you got your money back, and the MBOC moves to 2-2-1. The good news is that you got your money back--so this week you can double down. It's time for the Double Down Special.

For the new readers, we break out the 'Double Down Special' when we see a game that you need to go extra big on. This is your chance to make up for last weeks push--- and my friends----the Double Down Special happens this week.

Time for the LinkedIn Babe of the Week. This week, she comes from Sweden via a recommendation by Hans A.

Marie is a Brand Manager for Cloetta, a Swedish Candy Company. What's not to love about an attractive women who spends her days with candy.  And she's smart.....obtaining her Master's degree at Lund University in International Marketing.Thanks for forwarding on, Hans. And welcome to the exclusive fraternity that is the LBOW, Marie.


Now for the Double Down. Look no further then my undergraduate institution to find this week's pick. Washington State travels down to California this week for a Pac-12 Showdown.

The California Golden Bears have started off the year with a pretty rough schedule. Playing against the likes of Oregon, Ohio State, and Northwestern, it hasn't been an easy road for them. Despite the only win being against Portland State (by only 7) Jared Goff is slanging the ball, throwing for 1300 yards and 7 touchdowns this year. Not bad considering the opponents.

Washington State comes off a loss to Stanford ---but getting famous for Popcorn Guy. WSU will be back this week Connor Halliday is going to throw for 250 yards against Cal's secondary. The line on this game is Washington State by -1, but they got it wrong. DOUBLE DOWN my friends as Washington State goes on to win by 10 in an Away ROUTE of Cal.

_____________________BRITISH BANTAM BETTING___________________________________
So this week’s blog starts with me responding to some mail we’ve had. It seems many people didn’t read the first post where I introduced this blogs is not a guarantee, it’s also not a 50/50 chance. People follow this blog because they want to beat the odds and take home a big bankroll in doing so.

Generally you’ll see odds of 15/1 to 25/1 over 3 teams which means if you bet a Trixie and 2 out of 3 come in you’ll double or triple your investment, but all on the money and you’re walking away with the big money!!

Last week the safe betting was on Manchester United, Manchester City, Chesterfield, QPR who are all league leaders all at odds of less than half returns. We don’t believe in those odds and a bet on those teams would have been a huge joke after all four lost.

So on to this weeks picks and we’ve got some great returns for you and in fact of you want to see some real returns, stick West Ham in your list who are a whopping 7/1!!

The 3 Team Banker – Matchweek 5: 05/10/2013

STOKE to beat FULHAM (Away Win)
I never thought I’d be betting against Fulham at home but without a home win all season and 4 losses in the last 5 they’re struggling. After a tough run of matches it’s hoped Stoke can score a couple and take Fulham to their worst start of the season in years.

Walsall haven’t won at home since the first match of the season and despite wins on the road against Crewe and Wolves Bradford have secret weapon Nahki Wells, league second top scorer. League One new boys Bradford are sitting comfortably in 5th right now and in form with only one loss all season back in August.

Watford have performed consistently well against teams at the bottom of the table but whenever they’ve come against a decent squad they’ve struggled. With only one win on the road all season (6-1 against League punching bags Barnsley). Huddersfield are not really off the mark scoring goals but with only one loss so far this campaign you’ve got to think the odds are great for a win here.

Potential returns for a $10 bet:                                                                  $256.23USD
A $20 Trixie (4 bets of $5) yields:                                                                               $258.67USD

N.B. Prices taken from www.ladrbokes.com

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