September 13, 2013

Money Bet of the Century | Week 3 | 2-0

Money Betters-

The MBOC is off to another fantastic start in the 2013-2014 season. We hate to use the phrase "we told you so", but last week was another one of those types of weeks.

We knew Notre Dame was not going to be as sharp as the national media paints them out to be (per the usual), and playing against Michigan in the Big House under the lights is never going to be an easy outing. But that's why we are here year in and year out.....finding those lines that let media sensation influence lines. Notre Dame is a great team to pick on.....consistently getting much more credit then they deserve. Years ago, it used to be Florida State and Miami, but that problem has taken care of itself in recent years. ND ended up losing to Michigan by 11, although we had predicted it would be 14. Easy enough to cover the paltry -4 line they were given.

Thanks again for your Linked In Babe of the Week suggestions. The staff always seems to enjoy pouring over the submissions. We had to setup some rules last year as it seemed they had started spending more time on the babes, rather than a football.

Focus, gentlemen. Focus.

The Good 'Ol Colonel with signature bow tie
This week's LBOW comes to us from another reader submission. Ty R. lives in Charlotte and stumbled upon Misty Arnold. Although my first impression of Misty Arnold is that she is dressed like Colonel Sanders, I'm gonna let it slide....(and I'm also going to leave out the tasteless finger licking good joke.....wait, I guess I just didn't). Misty lives in North Carolina and recently worked for  Halogen TV and was a production manager on a ton of different television shows. That's pretty cool. But in 2013, she flew the coup and went solo --doing her own Freelance work as a production manager. I like your style, Misty. Tell the man no and do it yourself! We wondered what type of college football fan Misty was, because if it's North Carolina or're going to be waiting a while for a championship. But regardless of where your allegiance falls, we salute you as this week's Linked in Babe of the Week! It's an elite group---and your eligible for all the rights and privileges reserved for that fraternity....which would be.....hmmm, bragging rights?!

On to this week's game. This one was a clear cut easy call for me this week, because this line is so misplaced that one of my eye's nearly dropped out of my head when I saw it. Penn State is off to a good start---but they haven't played anyone yet. Being an Alum of Penn State, of course I'm biased towards the program, but the first 3 games of the year are a layup by anyone's standards. After the loss of Joe Paterno, we found the right man for the job. Facing enormous headwinds in scholarship reductions, bowl eligibility, and transfer rights--Bill O'Brien has proven unflappable. Losing both a high quality running back (we won't mention his name, he's injured---and his team just lost to Washington State last week!) and kicker proved devastating to Penn State last year. But through it all, the team still went 8-4. Take back those first two games where Sam Ficken was learning how to kick, and we would have finished 10-2. And Bill O'Brien can win on the

road--Nebraska and Virginia were his only two road losses in his tenure. And what about that OT win versus Wisconsin last year, what a way to finish the season.
Penn State Girls. Yes.....

This year Penn State is back, and looking okay to start the season. The first game versus Syracuse in the opener was not a triumphant win, but we'll take the W. Last week's win was a strong one, but the Eastern Michigan Eagles ain't much. It's the nice type of soft launch that we needed to get going, however, and Hackenburg is settling in---putting up 589 yards and 3TDs in the first two games. Hackenburg has found a steady target in Allen Robinson, hauling in 2 td grabs for 262 yards already this season. Bill Belton looks solid with the ball, dropping 127 yards in the first two games for 2 tds. He'll need to step up this year if Penn State wants to do well.

University of Central Florida is off to a good start. Blake Bortles, hailing from Oviedo, Florida, is a solid 6-4, 230 pound Junior. He's had a great career at UCF, and it isn't his first rodeo--he through for 3000 yards last year while helping the team put up a 10 win season (10-4) culminating with a win over Ball State in the Beef O Brady's Bowl in St. Petersburg, Florida. He has a reliable target in Storm Johnson, where he's gone for 30 points this season already-----but that type of Storm ain't gonna blow so hard in Happy Valley.

The line on this game is a jaw dropping -5.5 for Penn State. I think Penn State struggles early on in this matchup, and the defenses prevail for the first half. Penn State will prove too much for UCF in the second half, and Penn State will go on to win by 13.

An unsurprising amount of babes 'rep' UCF. Here's one.
Last week, Joe Clarke brought you the first ever British Bantam Betting on English Premier Soccer. He damn near nailed that parlay as well, with 2 of the teams hitting and the third ending in a shameful tie (that's why we don't end games in ties in America. :)    )

Regardless, Joe's picks have been very spot on, and you have to remember he's playing for a 3 team parlay---so if it hits, you're going to be rich, and he's recommending you drop just small bets until his sage advice pays off. Sounds good to us, so he's back again this week.

The 3 Team Banker – 13/09/2013


FULHAM to beat WEST BROM (Home Win)

The first week back after the transfer window closes can be a tricky one but after muted spending they’ll surely want to give the home fans something to cheer for. The Midfield will benefit from the experience of ex-International Scott Parker both suring up the back and danger coming forwards. Great odds on a team who play their best football at home against a shaky away side.


TRANMERE to beat BRENTFORD (Home win)

With their first choice goalkeeper suspended and a thrashing on the road last weekend Brentford are there for the taking. Tranmere is a tough ground to visit and after a rough start to the season taking on some of the big boys they’ll be looking to build on recent performances and take 3 points from Brentford.



Call me crazy but I’m calling it again. Peterborough will win on the road this weekend. A club famed for scoring with some serious fire power we can expect them to take on one of the league favourites and try to make up for what was lost last week. Expect high scores in this game with defense taking a back seat to both teams looking simply to score more than the other (shocking).



Potential returns for a $10 bet:         $196.88USD

A $20 Trixie (4 bets of $5) yields:             $210.94USD


N.B. Prices taken from

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