November 16, 2013

The Money Bet of the Century | Week 12 | 5-2-1

Money Betters-

The Money Bet of the Century is looking strong here in Week 12, on a 3 game heater since being even. I'd like to thank the staff for putting in their hard work to continuously uncover the tough to spot games. This week we have some violence, babes, and good picks. If that floats your boat, like I'm pretty sure it does, read on....

Last week we took a week off, and flew the whole entire staff out to Istanbul, Turkey to take in one of the world's most intense European Football Derbies. It was a partciularly brutal contest between Galatasaray and Fenerbache, with Fenerbache coming out on top 2-0 after 90 minutes. This game had it all: 55,000 home team fans (away fans aren't aloud for fear of massive violence), hundreds of police officers in full riot gear, and a crowd that never sits down and sings various chants every second of the match. I can easily say that this was the most lively, intense sporting event I've ever witnessed and am happy to have left without serious bodily injury. Want to see how intense this atmosphere can be, let this video rip for about three minutes:

 Enough of the violence, let's get to the LinkedIn Babe of the Week. Last week we didn't have a LBOW, and the readers wrote in to express their displeasure. Well, we've seen the error in our ways and have one for you this week. This week's babe was sent in from Jeff in New Jersey.

Rachel Peterson is truly worthy of the honor this week. Rachel has both the smarts and the looks. She spent her undergraduate days at MIT, and now finds herself finishing up an MBA at Harvard Business School. Not to shabby.

But she isn't just an academic, she has some solid work experience as well. She spent 1 year as a chemical engineer at Fluidic International before moving to Tesla to work as a Battery Test Engineer. In light of all of those exploding Tesla cars we've seen lately, maybe Tesla should call up Harvard and see if they can get Rachel back!

Now if you think that the school and work was good, also let it be know that Rachel was a cheerleader for the San Francisco 49'ers football team to boot.

What an all around girl, welome to the LinkedIn Babe of the week family, Rachel. Check out her LinkedIn profile to find out more:
Linked In Babe of the Week

This week, we're heading out to the Pac-12 for a game. Arizona comes into tonight's game at 6-3, coming up just short against UCLA last week. UCLA has had a pretty good year, beating a 'Price'less Washington last night by 10. But looking at Arizona's schedule a little closer, you'll notice they haven't been dominant this year. They only beat lowly Cal by 5, and narrowly missed out on losing to USC by 11. They've been effective in holding their opponents to minimal points this year, and rank 26th in this category. They've been very effective at rushing the ball this year, putting up an avearage of 271 yards a game. Arizona has two running backs that have been lethal this year in  Ka'deem Carey BJ Denker. Ka'deem has ripped up 1100 yards for 11 touchdowns this year and is a threat to be reckoned with.
But --as the staff was able to uncover-- most of Arizona's poor play happens on the road. At home, in Arizona Stadium, they play strong.

Washington State comes into this game on a 3 game losing streak, losing to Oregon, Arizona State and Oregon State. It's not looking good for Washington State still having to play Utah (whose looked good as of late) and the season finale versus University of Washington. Win tonight and against Utah or Washington, and they could potentially sneak into a bowl game. But it must start tonight.
The Cougs have been deadly in the air this year, throwing for the 7th most passing yards of any school in the country. Conner Halliday has 20 touchdowns on 3098 yards, finding reliable receivers in Gabe Marks and Dom Williams. They don't have much of a running threat, so you know that Arizona will be ready for the throw. Can Arizona slow down Washington State from scoring point?

The unfortunate answer is 'Most Likely'. If we look back to the Arizona vs. Washington game earlier this year, Sarkisian was unable to get the production he needed out of his 24th ranked passing team, and turned to Mr. Bishop Sankey --The Christmas Poo-- 40 times for a ground and pound offense to get the job done. Washington State simply does not have this dimension.

Playing at home at Arizona Stadium, in front of a amped-up Arizona crowd will prove to much for a struggling Washington State team. The line on this game is only Washington State University +11.5, which surprised the staff (even factoring our loyalty to Washington State). Arizona gets this one done by 17 at home.

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