October 25, 2013

Money Bet of the Century | Week 9 | 32-1

Money Betters-

...And we're back. After the MBOC's Bye week two weeks ago, and our pure laziness last week, the readers have been clamoring for a new issue. Well, this week we plan to deliver.

First up, as you have become accustomed, is the Linked In Babe of the Week. This feature, now in it's second year, aims to find a both attractive and smart girl, forwarded by the readers to the staff. We get tons of submissions each week, and to be frank---some of them are just not up to par. But, please keep them coming because it only makes this part of the blog that much better.

This week, our LinkedBabe of the Week hails from The Czech Republic, and her name is Jana Andresikova. Jana is a self-employed Media Producer but used to work as a TV Journalist for ZAK TV.....and we bet she was a fan favorite that had everyone tuning in.

Jana Andresikova

Jana speaks 4 languages fluently and also notes that she teaches English on the side of her Media Production Job. Impressive, Jana. We are thinking that there are many readers that would like to teach Jana a few English words that may not be in her vocabulary! Ha ha ha. She also has a Masters Degree in Digital Media Production. Check one in the brains category for her there.

Well Jana, welcome to the exclusive club that is 'The Linked in Babe of the Week'. By having this honor bestowed upon you, we are predicting many future years of success in your career and in life...and a bump to the "People who Viewed your Profile" section this week.  It's what all of the other LBOW's experience, and the staff is confident you will not be an exception to the norm.

On to the pick of the week. The MBOC sits pretty even thus far into the season. 3 wins, 2 losses and 1 push. It is worth noting that the 3rd hit was a 'Double Down Special' so if you doubled down last time, you're sitting on a nice little lump of cash. This week is a pretty clear cut pick.

Michigan State --more commonly referred to around the office as simply 'Sparty', has a great thing going this season. With the exception of the slip up against Notre Dame in Week 4, they are ROLLING. It seems that in any given year, Michigan State is a force to be reckoned with. Last year they beat Boise State and narrowly missed out on Upsetting #14 Ohio State. And who can forget the smack-down of #6 Wisconsin in 2011. Sparty is always in the hunt, and this year is no different.

No game, except the Notre Dame game, has really been in jeopardy for Sparty. They have a very balanced team on both sides of the ball, with no amazing standouts. Their QB Connor Cook has thrown for 9tds (not remarkable) and their RB Jeremy Langford has rushed for 7tds( not remarkable). They have a pair of reliable receivers in Bennie Fowler (not related to Chris Fowler of ESPN)  and Macgarrett Kings (not of Irish Royal descent) who have put up about 500 yards of receiving for 6 combined TDs. But at Michigan State, they bear down---rely on their team play--and just get it done. The defense has looked impressive this year, but they haven't played a ton of tough teams but they sit at #4 in the country right now in points allowed (13.6) - Impressive. Sitting atop the Legends division, if they win this week, there is no reason why they shouldn't slide into the back of the rankings.

On the other side of the ball sits the perennially mediocre Illinois. Illinois also runs a balanced offense, opting for both the Rush and the Pass. At WR, look for them to find Josh Ferguson for at least one touchdown during the competition. The problem with Illinois is that pretty much anyone can score on them, they are currently allowing 32.3 ppg, as they look to gain more experience out of their fairly inexperienced secondary.

It will be a fairly pleasant fall day in Champagne-Urbana for this game, with winds blowing out of the Southwest at 10 miles per hour, and a game time kickoff temperature of 54 degrees. This line opened at Michigan State by 13 but has dropped to Michigan State -9. That means that if Michigan State can just be up 10 at the end of regulation, which we think they will, they secure another solid win for the MBOC. We think the final score will be 31-21 in favor of Sparty.

Don't forget to 'lay a fatty' on that one, and make sure and log your vote in the upper right hand corner!

And Now......the British Bantam Betting 3 team BANKER!

Good morning all!!  This week we’ve done something a little special. The usual 3 team banker has been enhanced with the best odds on the market with the addition of OPTIONAL OVERTIME!! The odds this week are the best we’ve had this season and if you add in the optional overtime you’re sitting pretty on $2,500 from just a $1 bet.


No pre-amble this week boys and as usual, your feedback is always appreciated. Always great to receive messages from people suggesting the tweaks they’ve made and big wins they’ve had. We particularly like the pictures people send of things they’ve bought with their winnings, some of you have more money than sense.




A local derby is always difficult to call, but can you believe how badly Huddersfield have played recently? With no win in 5 games they’re due a victory but who can see it coming against Leeds? The McAlpine is a tough place to visit but Leeds have been good on the road this season.


YORK CITY to beat FLEETWOOD (Home win)

After a tough start to the season, York have beaten Portsmouth and drawn with league leaders Chesterfield in the last 3 games. Fleetwood are 3 games since their last victory and it’s fair to say they’ve had some easy games to win. 2/1 for a home victory is cracking odds and York are due a victory.



These two teams gave been incredibly poor this season. Between these teams they’ve won 3 games all season (out of 26 games). Crewe sit 3 points ahead of Sheffield so though today could definitely go either way and at 4/1 Crewe are cracking odds there!





Welcome to controversy people!!! Most people will think I’m nuts for tipping this but hear me out. Stoke have had to stand a battering so far this weekend playing all of the big boys and taking only 1 point from those games. BUT, Manchester have had a shakey start and these are two clubs who have a fierce and competitive history together and 8/1 is INSANE!!!

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