October 28, 2011

Money Bet of the Century | Week #9

Money Bettors-

This week we are back with a Money Bet fresh in from one of our field correspondents, Jeff Wood. If you don't know Jeff, you should. He's been guest editing well over 5 years for the Money Bet, and has come up with some of the best calls in Money Bet history. When the money bet has a stumbling week, we effectively look to our bullpen to call in the Money Bet's version of Mariano Rivera. So without further delay......The Money Bet of the Century!

Jeff Wood here, field corespondent up here in Bellingham where last night I spent a chilly night on the sidelines as an assistant coach at a high school football game. In it, the Ferndale Golden Eagles took a 30-13 victory over the Mount Vernon Bulldogs to secure the #1 seed in the Northwest Conference. We will play Mercer Island in the first round of the state playoffs...there is not a player with the last name of Locker on the roster this year but don't count out an upset of the Islanders by the Wing T attack of Ferndale.

Speaking of Locker, for some odd reason known WSU alum and Coug die hard Dave Noreen took UW to cover the spread over Stanford last week. What a debacle! Money Bettor rule # 14 is never take a shitty defense on the road against the #1 pick in the NFL draft my good Noreen. So after licking his wounds from that bad call as well as a brutal backpacking trip to the Enchantment Basin, Dave called on me to Guest Edit the MBOC.

There is a decent slate of games this week including Stanford @ USC , Oklahoma @ Kansas State, and Michigan State @ Nebraska. The one that catches my eye however is Wisconsin @ Ohio State where the Badgers are giving 7.5 points. Now many of you saw the crushing way that Wisconsin lost last week on the Hail Mary by Michigan State. That is their only loss on the season however, and the Badgers have been putting up an average of 47 points a game led by Russell Wilson. I don't see OSU holding down that offense when they put up 31 on Michigan State who could have the best D in the nation. Wisconsin also has a pretty stout D themselves holding MSU to just 102 yards on the ground last week. With Ohio State not having the same type of playmakers in the past like Terrell Pryor, their Offense is not that dynamic and UW will stack the box against Buckeye running back Dan "Boom" Herron. I just don't see OSU having the firepower to stay with the Badgers however, even in Columbus. Lay the points and take Sconny....you'll be glad you did!

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  1. Love the call Jeff. Sconny is going to be mad as hell after that loss last week.