November 4, 2011

The Money Bet of the Century | Week #10

Ouch Back-to-Back losses at the MBOC means we are now 5-4. But I will say we are still above .500, and about to go on a run. We reached out to one of our Guest Editors, Sam Haldeman. Sam lives in Boston and is a relatively new contributor. Some new blood is exactly what the MBOC needs in this time of temporary crisis. So --here's Sam--

Money Bettors,

When Dave first asked if I would like to write this week’s Money Bet, I immediately said ‘yes’. I mean, who was going to pass down this chance to finally contribute a free pick to this dominant force in the betting industry, especially when I’ve been screwed over countless times by guys who offer a guaranteed winner for a small credit card swipe.

But when he presented me with a link to the stats for the game that I had intended to pick, LSU vs. Alabama, I realized I owed more to the Money Bet. I mean, everyone knows LSU is going to win, but there isn’t too much empirical evidence to support that claim, when compared to Alabama. And for a rookie’s post, emotion and qualitative evidence can only go so far. Clearly, I needed to set the bar high, and establish myself. So it became imperative that whatever pick I put out this week, IT HAD TO BE A WINNER. No mistakes. No pushes. As Buffett says, “Never lose money”. So, with that in mind, I went out looking for value in Vegas.

I'm lucky to report, about 1/4 mile down the strip, in a drunken and drug induced stupor, I found it.While crushing a Hurricane Ice , I came across what would push me into Money Bet history forever. I want you to take MSU -28. Why? Cause it is fucking money. It's the money bet of the century, man! And it's early money, too! Noon games are the best to win with. Your bank is ready for rest of the day. Early wins give you flexibility to make those outrageous 5 team parlays that pay off 30:1 later in the evening. But I can only cover you on one game, so MSU is it. You will have to fend for yourself.

While the world may be waiting for the LSU vs. Alabama showdown, the first play for the day is MSU vs. Minnesota. Listen up, Minnesota is crap. Michigan State put up no fight last week in Lincoln, and they’re gonna come back with a vengeance. Cousins only threw for 86 yards last week, which isn’t going to happen again. Last year, Cousins only needed 131 yards in the air to beat Minnesota 31-8, and this year he’s going to put up at least 360 (for you math wizards, that's three times what he did last year)

This game is a gimme. This line is wrong. Play it early. Play it strong.....BECAUSE THAT'S THE MONEY BET OF THE CENTURY!!!

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