October 3, 2011

Money Bet of the Century | Week #6

Well Money Betters-
If you've been betting along with the blog, right about now Vegas is probably 86'ing you from their sports book. That's because the staff here at The MBOC works hard each week to find you the game that they miss. Don't be surprised if you come to the blog one day and it is shut down, because we don't miss much, and Vegas will probably send someone out to break my legs (or fingers) soon. Don't forget to vote after you are done reading----> (right hand side)

Here's an MBOC Exclusive. One that is bound to impress your friends and allow you to make up a great college football trivia list. Ever wonder where your stadium stacks up against other stadiums in the country? Try this College Football Stadium Wikipedia Link which will allow you to sort every FBS stadium in which way you choose by team name, by attendance, by conference, by oldest to newest?...the answer you ever had to any stadium question you might have lives on this page. The smallest FBS Stadium? That would be the Kibbie dome over in Idaho that holds 16,000 fans. Thanks to the folks over at Wikipedia for putting this together and giving it to us for a MBOC exclusive.

My Cougs. What can I say. Last week they marched into Colorado, and with 5 minutes left on the clock, down 10 points, they found a way to win. This is a great accomplishment for the program because I can't remember a time we were down 10 and came back in the 4th quarter.
My boy Marshall Lobbestael has been the most pleasant surprise, and really....a saving grace for the Washington State program. Paul Wulff will be able to look back at him and realize that he saved his job. With Tuel out in the first game of the season, I felt like it was going to be another season of humiliating losses, but jeez that kid has stepped up, and thank god for that.

With the exception of the fluke road win against Oregon State last year, you'd have to go back to Nov. 24th of 2007 to find another road win for our program (and that was against Washington, so it was an in state road win). Our last out of state road win before that was on October 26th 2006 vs. UCLA. One other road win in 2006 (Oct. 7th, 2006 vs Oregon State) means we've basically had 4 divisional road wins in 5 years. It just hurts to have to say that.

But through it all, the Cougar faithful have been amazing. Every Saturday morning you turn your television on, you see the Cougar flag gloriously waving amongst the game day crowd. They're legends. I've waived the flag myself and can personally attest to the fact that the crowd loves us. The flag has flown at every game day since October 4, 2003...so happy 8th birthday to the Cougar Flag, and Congratulations Washington State fans for holding firm through the dark days. General George Patton would have been proud of Cougar Nation for fighting hard, against long odds, and coming out with our pride intact. Nice work State.

We might win only a few more games this season. With that, we'd be on pace to do the best we've done since 2007. Perhaps 'The Lean Years' are behind us. I feel bad for the kids that entered school in the fall of 2008. They've seen nothing but shit. They've seen 8 wins in 40 games.....that's not a way to go through college. But something tells me most of them will be back for a 5th year....so maybe there's hope for them yet. ha ha.

This week we're going to a game that I think will give us our fourth straight lock in a row. The Arizona Wildcats have gotten off to a very surprising slow start. They are 1-4. But get this friends, they've had an incredibly difficult schedule, playing 3 top 25 teams already this season. They're definitely not a top 25 contender, but I do consider them a pretty decent team. Led by Senior Qb Nick Foles, Arizona is ranked 3rd in the country in passing yards, averaging 384 per game. Foles has already slung 14 touchdowns for almost 1900 yards this year. They're favored in this game against Oregon State by -1.5

The Beavers are having what we call 'A rebuilding year'. They haven't won a game yet this year yet, but have also played a couple of top 25 teams in Wisconsin & Arizona State. Wisconsin man-handled them to the tune of a 35-0 shutout. Oregon State is averaging 31 points scored on them per game this season.

They have not seen a passing threat like Arizona can bring, and the secondary will be tested. The secondary has proven that it isn't tough, even against teams like Sacramento State. Look for Zona to 'dip' the Beavers by 10 in Reser Stadium. You can LAY A BET ON IT!

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