October 14, 2011

Money Bet of the Century | Week #7

Money Bettors-

Well, we took a bit of a step back last week, but in a long season, even our seasoned squad can miss a game or two. That brings up an opportunity for us to have one of my favorite posts of the season:


We call in the double down special when we have a loss and we see another game the following week that we encourage our readers to pick up the money they lost week. Take the bet you made last week and double it, because you're going to recoup your losses from last week on this game.

I wish we could have caught this game when it first opened up, because at -5.5, Oklahoma State is a lock against struggling Texas, but the line has now moved to -7.

Oklahoma State definitely is hitting its stride. Sitting at 5-0 after a 70 point offensive smashing of Kansas, the Cowboys are looking like a very good team. One can only wait to see if both Oklahoma and Oklahoma State are undefeated near the end of the season when they play that game. When it comes to passing, Oklahoma State is the #2 team in the country, putting up an average of 431 yards per game.

Texas comes into this game after a stinging loss to Oklahoma in the Red River shootout last week (55-17). This is definitely not the Texas we remember from just a couple years ago. This Teas defense is not able to handle the high-power offense teams like Oklahoma (and Oklahoma State).

No change this week. The Cowboys shoot up 48 on Texas and win by 17!

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