September 30, 2011

Money Bet of the Century | Week #5

We started out the blog this week with a simple image. An image of a solitary cup of coffee.
As everyone who watched 'Glen Gary Glen Ross' knows, Coffee is for closers ONLY , and once again....last week....the staff here at Money Bet of the Century helped you 'close' another winning bet out. We are now 2-1 after a slight hickup in week 3.

Last week was about the most exciting game of the year.Oklahoma State was down 20-3 at halftime. Texas A&M is a tough place to have to wipe out a deficit, and not many teams successfully do it. You have to go back to November, 7th 2009 to find a game where an opponent came back from a halftime deficit to beat Oklahoma State at Kyle Field. That team was Colorado, and Quarterback Tyler Hansen was sacked 8 times during that game--and even despite those 8 tough sacks, they still came back to win by a point.

Tyler Hansen now has the fulltime job at Colorado where he has thrown for 9tds and 1150 yards in the first 4 games of the season. He has a total of 3,972 throwing yards at Colorado and he's sure to surpass the 4,000 mark against the Cougs this weekend. That might sound like a big number, but it's not. The career leader in total yards thrown in FBS history is Timmy Chang out at Hawaii who threw for 17,072 yards in his time as a Rainbow....or whatever.

Speaking of throwing the ball out their on the islands, there should be a lot of points scored in the Hawaii vs Louisiana game this weekend. The Over/Under is sitting at 60.5, and La Tech is favored by 1.5. Anytime you get kids from 'The Bayou' out to Hawaii, there's a good chance they won't be on the plane when it takes off on Sunday morning. I can't imagine living in a place like Louisiana, seeing Hawaii, and then ever being able to go back home again.

Let's talk Money Bet.
This week there are a couple great games, but I like the Alabama vs. Florida game. Sure, Florida is playing in 'The Swamp', and there are many reasons to catch a game in this stadium. Not only is this a legendary college football stadium, the Gators are also known for their legendarily hot women (see below for picture of Gator Alum, Playboy girl) Kelly Carrington (or click on her name to see more photos, but don't be surprised if you don't come back to read the rest of the blog...). Additionally, there is an 8pm start affixed to this game, so it's gong to be an exciting one.

The quarterbacks in this matchup are almost exactly a watch. AJ McCarron has thrown for 779 yards of passing so far this season, while John Brantley has thrown for 752. They both have 4 TDs and two interceptions. There is only a .7% completion percentage difference between them! Basically, you are at a wash at QB.

Both schools only use their main Wide Receiver targets sparingly. Marquis Maze has really only hooked up with McCarron once this year for a touchdown, but has amassed 226 yards on 20 receptions. Here, Chris Rainey has pulled down 11 receptions for 214 yards and two touchdowns.

RB Trent Richardson @ Alabama is the go to man this year. Alabama has utilized this weapon well in the Red Zone, as he has carried the ball 67 times for 441 yards, but has amassed 8 touchdowns along the way. Chris Rainey (yes, the same receptions leader from above) has put up similar numbers on rushes, but done it in half the carries. That's mainly because Florida hasn't played any defenses yet this year.

Until Saturday night.

Florida is the #9 team in the country in rushing yards, and they've had great success in the run. They'll be amped up to play a night SEC game in front of a home crowd, but Alabama will come ready to play. After a 38-14 pounding of #14 Arkansas, Alabama is definitely feeling confident. This game will be won on the ground as they will continually utilize Trent Richardson in the Red Zone to grind down Florida's defense.

Although Alabama is only favored by 4, the line started at -6 before Florida hopefulls started grinding it down. The good money lies on bama by a touchdown, as the Tide rides high over the head of the Gators. That's the call of the week, YOU CAN LAY A BET ON IT!!

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