September 23, 2011

Money Bet of the Century | Week #4

Ouch, Money Betters.

Last week, is the week I call Night of the Long Knives . The reason why I say so? It was brutal for all of my central sports teams. We are used to it here in Seattle, it's an annual occurrence in which we realize where we are going to once again have a bad football season.

First up was University of Washington, who traveled to Nebraska to take on the Cornhuskers. Not such a great outing for them, although they started off looking pretty good. I have to laugh....I already think Keith Price looks better than Jake Locker, however....that goes against anything that any sports announcer will ever tell you. At game time, I think I heard one of the announcers say "This year, University of Washington doesn't have their Quarterback Jake Locker, who was probably the best Husky quarterback EVER!!". ha ha ha. One things for certain, Jake Locker has the best public relations firm I've ever seen. Feel free to sort 'UW's Best Quarterbacks" on your own Right Here by any stat you choose and be your own judge (Wikipedia put that together at the behest of the MBOC Staff, so thanks for your contribution to the MBOC, Wikipedia).

Next up, the Cougs 'Couged' it. Ah yes, A Faulkless San Diego State Aztec squad kept the game close into the fourth quarter before putting the Cougs away. Ronnie Hillman put up a monstrous 32 carriers, 191 yards and 4 touchdowns despite the fact that Lobbestael was able to throw for 386 yards and 3TDs. This was disappointing for me, because I thought this might be the year we could start off 4-0 (after we throttle Colorado next week in Boulder). You have to tip your hat to SD State, though, because they are now 3-0 going into their big game against Michigan. Michigan better be ready, because this San Diego State team looks good and can really move the ball.

Finally, The M's continued their losing ways, narrowly avoiding being swept by the yankees, and the Seahawks allowed themselves to get shutout against Pittsburgh.

At least Penn State eeked out a victory over Temple. That was my only saving grace.

A collective *sigh* was heard being exhaled from football fans around Seattle on Sunday. This year we can't joke about 'At least the Storm will win the world championship' this year....

Picking up our heads, as we've done so many times before in the past, we'll put the weight of shitty football on our shoulders and soldier on ahead. Ugh.

This week brings a matchup I'm excited about. And everyone in the country should be excited about this matchup.....hell, it should be The College Gameday game of the week instead of the West Virginia vs. LSU game. This is a game that pits two 'top ten' ranked teams in a GIANT stadium...the first time this has happened in this stadium since 1975! If this team wins, it will be their 4th straight win in a row versus this school. Finally, this is a conference opener for both teams, so expectations and drama will be high.....because this might be the last year of this conference. This game, my fellow bettors, is the Oklahoma State vs. Texas A&M game. Take a look at the tale of the tape on these two teams so far this season:


OSU--Brandon Weedon, 1154 for 8 Touchdowns
A&M--Ryan Tannehill, 583 for 4 Touchdowns

Running Backs:

OSU--Joseph Randle, 378 for 7 Touchdowns
A&M--Cyrus Gray, 233 for 4 Touchdowns


OSU--Justin Blackmon, 329 for 3
A&M--Ryan Swope, 183 for 2 Touchdowns

Offensive Power--
OSU-- 52.3 PPG
A&M-- 40.5 PPG

Defensive Power--
OSU-- 27.0 Allowed PPG
A&M-- 10.5 PPG
Advantage-- A&M!

The only reason this game is going to be close is because it's being played at the 29th biggest sports stadium in the world: The intimidating 82,600 person Kyle Field. They have some traditions at this stadium. One being, when Texas A&M Scores-- you have to kiss a girl (awesome). The other....well, I'm not so sure about that:

Well friends, you can bet one thing on this game. And that's a Cowboy victory.

Oklahoma State has been in the hunt the last few years, but has come up short. Fellow Penn State Alumni and Oklahoma State undergrad Carlos Ponce-Ramirez GUARANTEES a victory and sends in this photo as his proof that Co-eds at Oklahoma State are 'LEGIT'. Cowboys win by a field goal despite being 4.5 underdogs. YOU CAN LAY A BET ON IT!

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