September 10, 2011

The Money Bet of the Century, 2011- Week #3

Money Bettors-
I have four words for you this week.

The MBOC is off to another exciting start as we witnessed a wild one under the lights in Ann Arbor last week. Last week, we predicted that Michigan would come out dressed to impress in front of their home crowd. Denard Robinson started off the game slow. But Rich Maloney must have lit a fire under his ass at half time, because Denard came out of the locker room wish his H A I R O N F I R E , putting up mind-boggling second half stats. After it was all said and done, 114,000 fans at The Big House witnessed a 4TD Effort by #16, good for 338 yards of passing and 108 yards of rushing. (If you remember correctly, I predicted 280 yards passing and 120 yards rushing in my post). I also told you Michigan would win by 10 (they won by 4), and if they would have covered the fumble on the last play of the game, they'd have won by 11.

Yes money bettors....all went according to plan, and if you threw your hard earned duckets on the Money Line (ND was -3), you'd have a little extra change in your pocket then your friends who wimped out took the +3 spread.Field Correspondent Paul Rodriguez had this amazing link to share from the game:

This is one of the craziest photos I've ever seen. You can zoom in on any fan in the stadium, and actually tag yourself in the photo. We've moved beyond Megapixels and have entered the realm of Gigapixels.

Enough of last week, lets continue the streak.
This week there are a lot of good bets to be had. It's too bad the Money Bet can only be one bet. Field Correspondent Dustin Schnaitman eagerly plunked down money on both Oklahoma (@ -3) as well as Boise State (yes....he got in at BSU -16...and so many people were there with him that the line moved to -20). I think Boise can put up a 3 touchdown margin on almost any team in the country, at almost any location, but as the saying goes "That's why we play the game". Chris Petersen could potentially be the best coach in college football right now.

Washington State University, alma mater of MBOC's Co-Founder's, Marc Cooperstein and Dave Noreen, is a 5.5 point dog to San Diego State!?!?! How did this happen. Doesn't everyone know that Marshall Faulk left long ago? The Cougs currently are running the number one offense in the country with 6'3", 215 pound QB Marshall Lobbestael dropping 591 yards for 7 touchdowns in the first two games of the season. (god it feels great to once again be able to brag about the Cougs).

But nope, we're going to another game. Another game that I feel has been absolutely and astonishingly overlooked by the casinos. After the MBOC is published, I'm sure there will be some movement in the line.

Big Brock Osweiler measures in at a whopping 6'8", 240 and hails from Kalispell, Montana (don't get Contributing Editor and Field Correspondent Jeff Wood going about Flathead High School cranking out NFL Talent like Lex Hilliard .) With a 6'8" frame, this Sun Devil can can see over most of the commotion that happens at the line of scrimmage. Advantage- Brock. That type of visibility is allowing him to see targets like Aaron Pflugrad, who he has hit for 4 touchdowns and 230 yards in two games. All 3 of ASU's top receivers have had catches of 40+ yards because Osweiler can see over the noise and accurately hit targets down field. And finally, to quote Rogers Highs School 1996 graduate and ASU alum, Grant Ruby "ASU babes are hot....". I had a plethora of great photos to choose from in this week's post. One of the tougher parts of finishing this blog each week is deciding on what photos I will use. It's a tough job, but I do it without complaining.

Illinois comes into this game putting up some pretty good numbers so far. But you have to remember that they have played a couple of patsies--Arkansas State and South Dakota State. But the main problem with Illinois is that they don't have Juice Williams anymore....the 'juice got loose' and is now playing Arena Football for the Chicago Slaughter. They are also missing Muhammad Abdullah, a one time rising prospect with the program. Nathan Scheelhaase (who) is now the QB at Illinois, and he's been making some great usage of his two receivers in the first part of the season. A.J. Jenkins has already put up 219 receptions on 16 catches for 1 touchdown. His second target, Darius Millines has 8 receptions for 157 yards. Look for Scheelhaase to utilize these targets in their attack against Arizona State, because their rushing game has been weak (even against these small potato opponents).

What the odds makers are not figuring in is that ASU's corner back, Omar Bolden, is going to have a Senior game to remember. Illinois has started off the season against some smaller, slower opponents, but Bolden has 7 picks in his career so far at ASU. He'll be looking to add a couple more if possible; as the air game will play a major factor on whether Illinois will be able to get it done. They'll be ready.

Arizona State starts off slow on the road but is the one cracking the champagne at the end of this game in Champagne Urbana. Sparky sticks it to the Fightin' Illini by 7.


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  1. While agree with the assessment, and ASU girls are indeed hot, Omar Bolden will not be playing in this game, or any game this season. He tore his ACL in spring practice and is out for the year. Still, the smart money is on ASU who just beat Missouri last week, to cover the 2 point spread.

  2. Cousin Dave! I dont know how you missed this one.

    In-state rivalry, neutral site. Theres no way CSU should be a 7.5 point dog