August 30, 2012

The Money Bet of the Century Week #1 - 10 Year Anniversary!!!

The Money Bet of the Century is back, and guess what's the 10th year!!! For all of you married long time Money Bet of the Century readers out there, it means you are supposed to give me a gift of tin....don't ask me why they have picked something lame like Tin for a 10th anniversary gift.

For those of you who are new to 'The Money Bet'.....let's start with a little bit of back story.  This blog is The Money Bet of the Century (MBOC), and our aim (and our tagline) is to "find you that one college football game each week that slipped past the odds makers in Vegas!!!"

In all began in 1999, when yours truly was still just a young pup, in his final year of undergrad at Washington State. Fellow MBOC co-founder Marc Cooperstein was on a gambling losing streak of epic proportions. He couldn't pick a winner to save his life. In a desperate attempt to pull out of his losing streak, he put up the keys to his 1978 BMW, to fellow fraternity brother Cody Woodruff, in order to take a loan for 800 dollars for the big win that was going to "reverse the curse" and send him on an EPIC winning streak.

Before making this legendary bet, he was seen running around the fraternity screaming at the top of his lungs "THIS IS THE MONEY BET OF THE CENTURY......IF THE ODDS MAKERS ARE GIVING OUT FREE MONEY, I MIGHT AS WELL STAND IN LINE AND COLLECT IT, BITCHES!!!! WOOOOOO!....GET IN THE GAAAAAMMMMMMEEEEEE!!" Well, Marc definitely got into the game all right....and as it turned out, Marc's prediction was a little off. This Money Bet didn't turn out to be.....well....very 'money' at all.

Some time later, he regained possession (and his dignity) of the keys to his car. What team did Marc lose this legendary bet on? I can't really say for sure. But as we peeked in the window of his locked fraternity door slightly after the clock ran out on his 'money bet, and he could be seen huddled over his television sadly shaking it in despair.

Marc went on to greater achievements, and recently was married in Lake Tahoe and will spend the rest of his days sipping martinis in California while his good wife makes money to support him.  We salute you Marc.

Super excited to be back in the 10th year, and there's a lot going on in College Football this year. Washington State has some new stadium renovations and a brand new coach (Mike Leach). Leach will bring his fiery personality and winning ways back to the Coug faithful.

University of Washington is getting a "new stadium" this year. Not quite sure what all the hoopla was about. I went to a game last year against Oregon, and they had all of these husky greats down on the field and everyone was crying and carrying on like the team was being moved. Over the next few months, a wrecking crew came in and knocked down part of the stadium, and they are building the "new stadium" in the exact same place as the last one. I mean...realistically, it's like a MAJOR stadium remodel. Haven't heard anything about them this whole summer, but I know Keith Price will come out throwing (oh, and I'm sure I'll get to hear more about how great Jake Locker is(n't) going to be in the NFL.

This year we have a new tradition for you. Not only are we going to keep the hot co-eds in the blog (like we've done the last 3 years), this year we are including a section for 'LinkedIn Babe of the Week". To meet this qualification, you have to meet many criteria. #1. You must have a solid job. #2. You must have a solid educational background. #3. You must have an interesting extra-circular background (extra points for various languages, philanthropies, or other interesting hobbies you call out on your LinkedIn page). I fully expect the readers to send me profiles that they think meet this criteria. Week #1 goes to Mr. Jonathan Wesner of Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. Mr Wesner has nominated Ms. Yunan He.

Ms. He did her undergraduate at University of California before moving on  to Paris' HEC School of management, which as it turns out, happens to be one of Europe's leading business schools. For work, Ms. He spent time at Abercrombie as a model before moving on to a stint at Morgan Stanley as an Investment Banking Analyst. Yunan is currently at Goldman Sachs in Paris during a summer analyst job before returning to finish up her graduate studies at HEC. Yunan He. Oh yeah, did we mention she speaks French, Chinese, and English.  You are straight up hot, smart and could probably support me if I want to quit my job to become a full time playboy. All of the staff here at the Money Bet of the Century salutes you. (Thank you MBOC field correspondent Wesner--I know you surfed through many, many profiles to come up with Ms. He. You live a tough life.)
Coug girls. Always cute, always fun....

Let's get right to the Money Bet of the Century Folks as we've already rambled on.....
This week is a clear cut choice. I've shied away from getting involved with alma mater before in the past, but we are entering a new era this year. This is the Mike Leach era!!! This is the year it all changes for the Cougs. This is the year our foes look back on and always say with a grumble "but then you guys picked up Mike Leach....."

For this Thursday game, we're looking at an epic "night game" show down to kick of the season. With an 7:15pm start time, you can be sure that the BYU kids will have been drinking a good 8-9 hours before kick off and will be well on their they won't....that's the WSU fans I'm thinking about. Sorry BYU. Curfew is right after the game.

Oh yes you can, we won't tell.....
BYU RB Michael Alisa felt the need to open his mouth to a reporter and letting the country know that "Every team across the nation will be watching BYU and Washington State play on Thursday night. All of our hopes for a potential BCS bid are on the line" Thanks Michael, there's a reason you are unranked to start the season, and it doesn't have anything to do with your likeliness of going to the BCS title game!

The line on this bad boy is hovering right around BYU -13 according to the MBOC official oddsmaker, VegasInsider . I know Vegas has figured in Leach's ability to work the "Air Raid", but leach will have other tricks up his sleeve that cannot be prepared for. Look for Leach to start 6'3" Jeff Tuhl, and look for Wide Receiver Marquess Wilson to catch 3 touchdowns in what will be a STANDOUT season for the Junior form Tulare, California.

Everyone has this game wrong. Cougs win this game by 13 points down at BYU and start the season 1-0!

Don't forget to vote on your choice, upper right-hand corner!

G O    C O U G S ! ! !

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