November 18, 2011

The Money Bet of the Century | Week # 12

Well, Money Bettors-
We're entering those magical final weeks of the season. Tomorrow is the annual 'Brawl of the Wild' game between Montana and Montana State. Looking back on this game there have been some memorable games, specifically thinking back to 2002 & 2003 where an underdog Montana State won a couple close games with The Griz. I remember specifically waking up on this day in 2003 to find that it had dumped a load of snow in Bozeman, and my roommate at the time (Miles Mason) was predicting a Montana version of the 92 Snow Bowl game. Off of the opening kickoff, Montana State ran a return that took it to the house for 6. This was always a special game in our house, having both Montana and Montana State roommates. Ain't nothin' like watching a rivalry game unfold when you have people on both sides of the coin living in one house. Montana definitely has won a lot of these games in years past, but the Bobkitties are looking like the team to beat this year, with a 7-0 conference record and only one loss on the season. It's looking like some snow is on the ground in Bozeman..... will we get a replay of 2003???

As usual, the SEC will be phoning it in (like they always do) this time of the year. Florida is playing Furman, Alabama is playing Georgia Southern, and Auburn is playing Samford (& sons?) Cracks me up how they have these late season cupcakes while they heal their team up for the SEC Championship, while every other conference is playing tough games.

Money Bet of the Century this week is Kansas State vs. Texas. Texas is favored to win by 7, not sure how they came to that conclusion. K-State is running this season like the glory days of old coach Snyder. K-State has only lost two games all year, one to Oklahoma and one to OK State (who will, in the MBOC's prediction, win the National Championship). Other than those two games, they are flawless. Sure, they had a close game last week with A&M and they also had a close one earlier in the season with Baylor, but they rush the ball and score points....consistently. Texas has a pretty good D, but they are barely in the top third for scoring. A lot of points will be scored, but K State covers the 7 points and wins this game.

That's the Money Bet of the Century (this week), now go win some money....

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