September 7, 2012

The Money Bet of the Century - Week 2 | 0-1

Well Money Betters,

I hate to say I've learned this lesson before---starting off the season betting on my alma mater has proved to not be the wisest decision in the past. I guess I had to relearn that lesson.

The Cougs looked pretty terrible actually. The defense tightened their game a little bit in the 4th quarter, but not before BYU could put 30 on them. And for an 'Air Raid' offense, they put up a paltry 6 points. The Cougs ended up rushing for -5 yards, and currently sit near the back of the country in 'Points-For (6) and Rushing Yards (-5). Let's just all hope and pray that BYU turns out to be better than everyone expected and, when we look back on it, we weren't ready to play them.

Congratulations go out to Grace Chou for making our list as LinkedIn Babe of the Week. For those of you not familiar with this new tradition, you nominate girls you know or see on LinkedIn that are....well hot and smart. Grace is a double major in Economics & Legal Studies from the University of California and is currently an Investment Banker working on M&A in the tech space...oh, and she looks hot.

If you have any recommendations, send them my way. I'll give you a shout out if I end up picking one. (Thanks go out to George Petersen, the hardest working man at finding smart/hot girls on LinkedIn). We enjoy the fruits of your labor, George...thanks.

Wisconsin Girls ---What's not to like?
Let's not beat around the bush and get straight to the game that's going to redeem this week. That game, my friends, is the Wisconsin vs. Oregon State game.

Junior QB Danny O'Brien gets the ball handed off to him this season, and is a little wet behind the ears. In his first outing, he put up 220 yards and 2 td's against a pretty shaky Northern Iowa squad. But with his sea-legs under him, and Monte Ball ready to run for another 2000 yards this year, look for Wisconsin to pull it together against a formidable opponent in Oregon State. A steady target at Wide Receiver, Jared Abbrederis, picked up 6 catches for  84 yards in the home opener & two touchdowns to boot.

Ex-Beav Sara Jean Underwood doing what she does best...
Oregon State will be looking to make a mark in their first home game of the season (if you remember, their first away game last week was cancelled against Nicholls State due to a Hurricane Isaac threat). Sean Mannion is back at the helm after a solid outing last year as a freshman. He put up 3300 yards as a freshman!...but he isn't going to have James Rodgers shaking CBs for yards this year. He does have a very reliable receiver in Markus Wheaton, (Wheaton put up almost 1000 yards last year) but he only got to dance in the endzone once all year.

The line on this game is Wisconsin by -6.5, and I'm taking this game for the Badgers because I know they will cover at least 7, maybe 10. If this game was -7, I might look elsewhere.

Wisconsin and Monte Ball put the 'Ground and Pound' on the beav (terrible pun intended) and puts up at 28 to win 28-17.

(a heart-felt apology goes out to Field Correspondent Otis Kimzey who is sure to send me a follow up bashing for picking against his beloved Oregon State Beavers).

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