September 17, 2010

The Money Bet of the Century | Week # 3

Money Betters-

I understand there was some confusion on The Money Bet of the Century last week. I have been posting it solely in Facebook and was not emailing people the link. Some people have become accustomed to receiving The Money Bet via email, so we’ll continue that to keep the readers happy.

Week 1 was a huge success for The Money Bet. Tate Forcier did not get the starting role as was expected. Instead, the starting role went to Sophomore, un-tied shoes phenom Denard Robinson. And boy did that guy run all over Connecticut. 29 carriers, 179 yards and one touchdown….oh….and then he threw for 186 yards and a touchdown as well. What an amazing first start for him. He definitely looks like he is going to be a threat out at Michigan for the next couple years. Look for good things from this program (whether you like them or not) with him at the helm. Is this the resurgence of the Big 10???!!!

This week, The Money Bet of the Century focuses on a non-traditional matchup that is always a good game. These teams have faced each other 7 times, and the series is actually tied at 3-3-1 (the tie happened in 1925 and ended in a 6-6 stalemate). Who could forget the 1998 shellacking of the Huskies, when they lost to the Cornhuskers 55-7 at home in Husky Stadium? Then there was the ‘Glory years’ victory for the Huskies, when Puyallup, Washington’s own Billy Joe Hobart led the #2 Washington Huskies to a 29-14 victory over the #12-rannked Corn Huskers. Mark Brunell saw some playing time in this game, and both Hobart and Brunell went on to NFL careers.

This year proves to be another interesting match up. Nebraska brings a team to Seattle that is missing the leadership and dominance of Ndamukong Suh (actually from Portland, Oregon you Nebraska fans). Still, this is a strong team. So far this year they’ve averaged 328 yards of running offense in the first two games of the season. That’s enough to make them the #3 rushing team in NCAA football right now. There weak spot is definitely at passing, only averaging 179 yards per game so far this year….and that’s against some pretty weak teams to start off (Idaho and Western Kentucky). Corona, California’s Taylor Martinez will get the start at Quarterback. As a Freshman, this will be his first road test…..visiting a legitimate competitor in Washington. Roy Helu Jr. (also from California) is back at running back in his Senior season and is looking to have a strong year. In 2009 he amassed 1147 yards and 9 touchdowns. This team is your typical Run-It-Down-Your-Throat Midwestern team, and they’ll try to pull the same thing on Washington.

Jake “The Hype” Locker gets the starting nod at Washington. I know a lot of people will think that I am talking trash about Locker because he is from Washington. That’s where you’re wrong. I think Jake Locker is a good quarterback. I think Jake Locker has a chance to make it in the league. What I don’t think is that Jake Locker has lived up to any of his expectations thus far. Sure….the college bookstore is sold out of #10 jerseys, but I ask of you “What has Jake Locker done that has been remarkable?”. At Washington State, many people laughed when the Cougars put Jason Guesser on the podium as a possible Heisman Candidate. But remember…. Jason Guesser helped Washington State return 3 ten win seasons between 2001 and 2003. Jason Guesser helped the team WIN GAMES….and any Heisman trophy candidate should do exactly that…..HELP THEIR TEAM WIN GAMES. Without wins, there is no argument. The Huskies come into this game looking the opposite Offensively. They are currently 25th in the country in passing, putting up an average of 279 yards against their opponents in the first two games. They are 72nd in rushing offense with 151 yards per game.

This game will see some scoring, as Nebraska and Washington both will run their prospective offenses successfully. The question is, how will Washington’s Defense hold up to the Cornhuskers running game. By the 3rd quarter, will the D-Line have its hands on its hips, slogging back to the line after every play. I think Nebraska shucks the Dawgs and wins by 14 in a game that will be close, and will earn the Huskies some respect.



  1. You are F.O.S Noreen. UW runs away with it +21