October 4, 2014

The Money Bet of the Century | Week 6 | 1-1

Money Betters-

Not going to make excuses for the team. We let you down in Week 3 of the College Football Season. We were talking about Michigan righting the ship after their loss to Notre Dame in week 2. What a joke of a prediction that was. Utah came to the Big House as 3.5 point underdogs, and not only did they cover the spread, they flat out spanked Michigan 26-10.

Everyone on the staff has had to come in and do 25 burpies before going to work for the last few weeks. It's an embarrassment to them, but it's an embarrassment to the blog. So we all suffer together.

How about that Oregon vs. Arizona game on Thursday night?! The Money Bet of the Century squad used to get 'Players's Will Call' tickets to Arizona games back in 2001-2002 when Puyallup, Washington's own Jason Johnson was at the helm of the Wildcats offense, so we've always been huge Arizona fans. We knew the Ducks weren't invincible after the close game they had vs. Washington State the week before. Somehow, it seems impossible for any team to make it through a season in the Pac-12 and have a chance of going undefeated.

There was big fanfare last week after the return of the LinkedIn Babe of the Week (LBOW). Well guess what, the LBOW is back again this week. I must say, we have a quality candidate for you this week. Lauren went to Marist College, which is a small Liberal Arts college on the banks of the Hudson River in New York. She took her talents to London in 2011 to study at Imperial College and get some international experience. She started her career in Public Relations, which I might add many LBOW candidates usually have a stint in PR at some point in their career.  Today you will find Lauren at Douglas Elliman 'slanging' some real estate. She seems to do very well, as she notes in her profile she splits time between her apartment in New York City and her home in Miami Beach.
A true beauty, welcome to the prestigious fraternity of LBOW.(and with a name like Fitzpatrick, she could probably drink you under the table to boot)
Lauren Fitzpatrick
(thanks Doug G in New York for bringing our attention to Lauren)

Alright, lets get down to the dirty: Which pick will be the Money Bet of the Century? Looking at these two teams this week, we know instantly.

These two teams are offensive powerhouses in the country. These two teams also are very shitty at defense. These two teams don't do a good job of  running the ball, but these two teams are pass happy. One of these teams Quarterbacks has already thrown for 1348 yards this season and 17 touchdowns. The other Quarterback has thrown for 2300 yards and 20 touchdowns.

Cal Girls.
Ladies and gentlemen, we are talking about Cal vs. Washington State in Pullman. It is going to be a long game folks---and if I could bet on the length of the time of the game, that might be the money bet of the century. With all of the passes and in-completions, you might want to bring a book while they run the ball back to the line of scrimmage. But I'm telling you one thing, there will be a ton of points scored.

Cal comes into this game 3-1 on the season, Washington State 2-3. Their only loss on the season so far is to Arizona (The giant killers), and they had a relatively close game against Northwestern to start out the year. Jared Goff has a pretty simple and proven strategy. Throw the ball to his receivers Bryce Treggs and Trevor Davis. Sophomore Kenny Lawler is guaranteed a touchdown in a contest where EVERYONE is going to get at least one touchdown.
Cal  currently sits at 3rd in the Pac 12 North standings, behind Stanford and Oregon. They have the real beast portion of their schedule coming up, however. They still have to face the likes of  USC, Oregon, Standord, UCLA, and BYU----all ranked. And today they have the Cougs.

Mallory from WSU. See my link in the post.
The Cougs are your typical flashy West Coast offense that can threaten anyone in the country. As we saw last week, the Cougs almost put the big stop to Oregon's quest to pick up a National Title for their football team, and a Heisman Trophy for Marcus Mariota. Those hopes are seriously diminished after the lost last week to Arizona. The Cougs are going to throw the ball all day long. Conor Halliday is pass happy, and will be looking for any one of his 1600 eligible receivers. Likely candidates are Isiah Meyers and Vince Mayle, who already have 5 touchdowns a piece this season.

You gotta love those early October games in Pullman. Drag the sofa out into the front yard and pound a couple Busch Lights, as the leaves fall down from the trees and fall sets in. The staff thinks we are way overdue to a trip out to Pullman,which is becoming increasingly a priorty as the years pile up since we have last been back on that glorious campus.

This week, the MBOC has a twist. Rather than try to pick the team that will win this offensive shoot out, we have opted to take the 'Over' in the game, which currently sits at a whopping 73 points.  There will be some running, but mostly throwing---but lay a bet on the OVER 73!

That my friends, is the MBOC!

oh and PS, on that Washington State girl off to the right, see this. You'll be happy you did.

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