September 20, 2014

The Money Bet of the Century, Week 3 | 1-0

Money Betters-


Week One of the 2014 season kicked off the right way with a win in the Oregon vs. Michigan State game. In that game, things went down almost exactly as we would have thought. As I had mentioned, the researchers were working over time to pour over all of the stats. Oregon was only a 13 point favourite in this home opener versus Sparty. As we figured, Oregon would play tough at home in front of this early season match up. The MBOC team accurately predicted that not only would Oregon cover the 13 points, but would in fact win by 17. As it turned out, Oregon got it done by 19 after a very slow start, coming from a 27-18 deficit to win AND COVER the line. As predicted, Marcus Mariotta knew that he would have to give a second half performance worthy of a Heisman run, and deliver he did. Oregon stacked up 28 unanswered points in the 2nd half to get this one done. Cheers to the MBOC team for digging this one out.

Here is a great recap of the game if you missed it:

There are a couple games this week that look worthy of consideration. First up is the Alabama vs. Florida match. Although the MBOC team is not a big fan of Florida in general (it goes back to the fact that Florida State, Miami and Florida all benefit from the fact that they are in 3 different conferences, making it easier for them to all be in a great standing late into the season), this year Florida has a rough schedule---which includes South Carolina, Alabama, as well as a season ending game against Florida State (who only has to play two ranked teams this season to march towards their hopes of a National title *sigh*). Florida looks underrated this year. They started off the season with a 65-0 win over the Eagles before almost blowing it against Kentucky last week in a 3 OT thrilling win. Look for them to keep it close in the Alabama game where Alabama is a 14 point favorite (in Tuscaloosa).

We almost took that one, but we found a tastier game for the readers to sink their teeth into. That game this week is the Utah vs. Michigan (in Ann Arbor).

I looked for Michigan Girls, this was the result.
Can't prove she's from Michigan,
....but do you really care?
Michigan comes out --not the strong team that we've seen from them in seasons past. After a strong snowing in week one versus Appalachian State (a team that has haunted them before), they were shut out at Notre Dame on the road (31-0). It was an embarrassing loss for a prideful Wolverines club in a long-standing rivalry. They bounced back in week 3 with a win over Miami Ohio (34-10). Now, we know what you might be thinking---'MBOC team, this isn't a strong showing by Michigan. App State and J-Crew U are not good programs, and they didn't even have decisive wins against either of these Powder Puffs!'. We hear you, but listen to this!

Michigan, with the exception of Notre Dame, runs a tight defence. With the exception of a few unlucky turnovers, this would have been a complete shut out. Michigan also did not play their star receiver Devin Funchess (who racked up 200+ yards and 3 touchdowns in his first game of the season). Brady Hoke, Michigan's Head Coach, said he wouldn't let anyone know if Funchess will return for today's game because he "didn't feel like it", but internal sources in the locker room say he is ready to return to the field and we believe he'll be back for this matchup against Utah and ready to play. With the season now underway, Michigan will look to claw their way back up the Big 10 standings in a much more serious game against a high-scoring Utah Offense.

Utah girls = wholesome.
That brings us to Utah, and their scoring. So far this season they've been racking up points, and currently sit ranked 3rd in the country in the 'points scored' category. They've been pounding the ball on the ground very effectively through the likes of RB Devontae Booker, who has already amassed 145 yards on 20 carries for 3 touchdowns. Utah Quarterback Travis Wilson has had dual threats in receivers Dres Anderson and Kenneth Scott, finding this pair for 5 touchdowns and a combined 300+ yards. Well, the news on this week is that Utah isn't playing Fresno State or Idaho State, and they're not playing the game in front of a home friendly crowd in Rice Eccles Stadium  in Salt Lake City, Utah. They'll be playing in The Big House in front of 100k+ fans who are hungry for a statement game that will help define their 2014 campaign.

Before we get to the prediction on this game, let's talk about some fan mail. Multiple fans reached out to us to ask where the LBOW (LinkedIn Babe of the Week) feature went. Great question. In week one, the LBOW actually had a bye, and had a delayed home opener. Well, worry no more fans, because the LBOW is back in week 3. We head to Las Vegas, Nevada for the first pick of the LBOW 2014 team.

She started her career at PF Chang's 'creating an outstanding dining experience", while cheerfully serving you your lettuce wraps with a smile. You also might have seen her at the Cosmopolitan Hotel as a Pool Attendant, but got her big corporate break as an intern at 'Preferred Public Relations'.  These days you'll find her as a Marketing Manager at The Light Group Stuff. She can maintain calendars and budgets, participate in Marketing Strategy Meetings, or liason with talent----it's your call. But while she's recommending new booking talent, she's also the first LBOW for the 2014 season. Ladies and Gentlemen, please put your hands together for the lovely Lia Thormodsgaard. 

And now---for the prediction. Utah marches into the Big House, but is up against an unfavorable 3.5 spread. That's a joke. Michigan wins this by 14 at home in front of a raucous crowd.


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