November 19, 2010

The Money Bet of the Century - Week 11

Money betters….we stumble into the week tying one of the worst skids of MBOC history. 3 years ago, we had a 4 game skid in the middle of the season that rivaled this losing streak. Heads were hanging low around the office this week as we dug through some pics, looking for the game. Last week the Money Bet of the Century had a much needed mid-season bye. Spirits were lifted when we received the new MBOC Marketing assets. As you can see, at the top of the page we have a new logo that has replaced our old ghetto logo. We feel this is a good omen for getting out of the slump.

Much thanks goes out to Victor, Idaho’s Scott Wood. One time Seattle resident and Merlin, Oregon native Wood has been at the design game for quite some time, initially cutting his design teeth at Seattle’s own Expeditors’ International. Later Scott moved on to Jackson, Wyoming’s ‘Cloudveil’ where he pumped out world class designs. So thanks again to Scott for the new design.

This week we’re bringing the MBOC back home to a west coast showdown. Oregon State comes into this game after a disappointing loss to league doormat, Washington State. In a 31-14 DRUBBING, Washington State amassed 378 total yards, keeping Oregon State under 100 yards of rushing. Washington State finally started to look like a team, only committing two turnovers as the offense starts to gel. It was an exciting time for Washington State fans, as they haven’t won a pac-10 game in almost 2 years (against Washington on November 22, 2008). Oregon State has had some bright spots in the season, beating both #9 Arizona (@ Arizona 29-27) and thumping a 5-5 California team at home. But lately, they’ve been on a skid since losing a two-overtime battle to Washington (35-34) and losing James Rodgers for the year.

USC comes into this game starting to heat up. They’ve slowly but surely started improving things throughout the season. USC now falls within the top 30 of Passing Yards and Rushing Yards, and has put up some total offense averaging 35.2 offensive points a game. In an impressive win last week over Arizona (24-21), Running Back Marc Tyler ran like a horse for 160 yards and 1 touchdown. After two shocking losses to Washington and #16 Stanford, USC has only faultered to #2 Oregon in a 53-32 game. 3 small points separate them from being a nationally ranked top 10 team.

Oregon State comes into this game limping, staring down a momentum-generating USC squad that has won 3 of its last four games. (p.s. that is Sara Jean Underwood on the right, Oregon State Alum and Playboy Playmate)

Although USC is a -3.5 point favorite, Look for USC to turn on the juice and gnaw away at the beavers by 14!!

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