November 13, 2009

The Money Bet of the Century | Week 11

Money Bettors-
Well folks! What can I say, the Money Bet last week wasn't so money. As it turns out, Notre Dame with Michael Floyd didn't turn out to be so potent. And who would have guessed that Notre Dame wouldn't be able to at least BEAT Navy. But, as dissapointed as I am that Notre Dame was not able to help us out, I bet Charlie Weiss is even more upset. There has been a lot of speculation that the Navy loss might have been the proverbial straw that broke the camel's back, and cost him the coaching job next year. To quote Charlie: "At Notre Dame, we are never looking backwards.....only forwards...." Well, Charlie, I'd suggest you start looking backwards at where your team has not been able to deliver if you want to "look forward" to another year at Notre Dame's head football coach. Disecting the mistakes in the past might help you avoid some embarassing losses.

This week we are going to the Big 12 to select the game. The game we're taking this week was thoroughly researched and should be a big winner.
A lot was said about a Missouri program that, at the beginning of the year, looked hot. Blaine Gabbert was on fire, and has put up some impressive numbers. This year he has thrown for 2,364 yards and 17 touchdowns. I can remember having him in my college fantasy team when they were playing the first part of the season and he was delivering solid numbers. Against Furman, he had 3 touchdowns and 256 yards, and then against Nevada he put up 414 yards and 3 touchdowns. But, as the opponents have gotten considerably tougher, his numbers have become less gratuitous. Gabbert's main offensive target, wide receiver Denario Alexander is having an impressive year as a main target, mowing up 1038 yards with 8 touchdown catches. This team has been successful going to the air, and has the potential to do so against Kansas State.

It should be a beautiful sunny day at Bill Snyder stadium in Manhatten with the high temerpature slated to be 54 degrees. Kansas State has been making a lot of headway on the ground with Daniel Thomas who has 1087 yards rushing and 11 touchdown receptions. And it's probably good that they stick to the ground game, considering both Kansas State quarterbacks (splitting the duties at this role) have 6 interceptions in 10 games. Kansas State will probably stick to the ground attack against a decently solid defensive unit at Missouri.

This game favors Missouri by one point, and has a fairly low Over/Under point total (51). Given those numbers, oddsmakers are saying the final score pegged at Missouri 26, Kansas State 25. The big question will be whether Kansas State defensive backs will be able to stop Missouri's arial attack. Missouri has a record of being able to win the close game. In games where the end result has been less than a 7 point difference, they are 6-5 (since 2001). Kansas State, using this same mark is a considerably worse 6-11. If Missouri can score over 20 points, which the MBOC staff thinks they will be able to do, they have a record going back to 2001 as 62-19. Look for this game to be a close one, but the Tigers will end up sticking it to the wildcats at home in this game.

Missouri by 7!

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