October 14, 2009

The Money Bet of the Century, Week #7- Back in Black!!

Well Money Betters-

We had our first win last week. To do it, we had to bring in field correspondent Jeff Wood. I was with Jeff Wood in Missoula, Montana to watch the Montana Grizzlies take on The Cal Poly Mustangs in what must have been one of the coldest games I've seen since going to the Michigan State vs. Penn State game on November 22nd last year. Cold games = larger whiskey consumption. That's just the way it is.

I have to give the MBOC props last week because it went down the way it was predicted. Jaquizz had a break out game with 4 touchdowns and 189 yards rushing. I hope you had him in your college fantasy league. Older brother James caught six passes for 78 yards and one touchdown. They ran the 'WILDCAT' numerous times. That should be a new drinking game. If you are watching an NFL game or a college game, and they say 'WILDCAT!', you drink. Bot am I getting tired of them talking about that.

Washington State is having a terrible season (if you haven't noticed). I know this little clip has been around the block, but if you hadn't seen the 'GameDay' love that they forked out for the Cougars, you've got to see this clip.
Thanks for the love, ESPN. We definitely need it this season.

On to the pick. Everyone who knows the philosophy here at the MBOC, understands the motto that we live by. "Don't let your pride get in the way of your pocketbook". We've always liked this expression and we live by it! This week we find ourselves in one of these situations, betting in a game with a team we'd love to see lose: The Huskies (Washington vs. Arizona State game)

Washington is hard to predict. Some weeks they look like bums (there fans are always bums), and other days they look like they are filled with some promise (sort of like University of Washington Alum Anna Faris (pictured at left)). Last week, a lucky play and a deflection of an offensive player's foot caused the ball to kick up and allow Washington a lucky interception. And....like him or not, Jack Locker is a big time NFL prospect. Last week he ended up #6 on Mel Kiper's top ten draft pick list. He's got 10 touchdowns on the year, 4 of them rushing the ball himself. James Johnson (#3) and Jerome Kearse (#15) are two great receivers to watch. Hopefully if they get another goal line stance, it won't take them 8 tries to punch it in (vs. Notre Dame, lol).

On the other side of the ball, you have an untested Arizona State. With wins over Washington State last week (27-14 but missed the spread by a whopping 8 points) and Louisiana Monroe and Heavy-weight cupcake Idaho Sate. Key losses to Georgia and Oregon State show that they can be challenged by a good team. One key test will be to see how Washington's defensive line will be able to stop #31 Dimitri Nance. So far this year, he's been able to put up 5 touchdowns on 366 yards. Overall, I have to say that Arizona State is having a mediocre year, and it's going to be hard for them to stop a good team. However, Washington cannot stop their co-eds.

I think the Huskies are turning into an 'okay' team. They should be able to handle Arizona State without any problem. I know Washington is inconsistent, but spotting ASU 7 points down in Tempe is too much. Huskies take a leak on Sun Devils leg and WIN THE GAME. You can lay a bet on it. As always, don't hesitate to leave a comment at the bottom.....and don't forget to vote in the upper right hand corner!!!

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