September 27, 2009

The Money Bet of the Century, week #5- Back with a Vengeance!

Much like when Mike Price left The Washington State head football coaching job.....or when William Seward thought that buying the state of Alaska was a good idea (ha).... it is important to remember that we all make a mistake once in a while. The MBOC has let you down, my fellow friends. So this week I will include cute co-eds from the respective schools instead of the schools logos. Apology accepted...ha ha.

Besides, we are going to make it up to you this week. This week's Money Bet takes out to the majestic, wind-swept plains of East Lansing, Michigan for this week's 'Un-rivalry' between Michigan and Michigan State. I say Un-rivalry, because as much as Michigan State probably would like to consider this their big rivalry, Michigan looks at them like their red-headed step-child.

As you might have read about this year, Michigan State is off to a snake-bitten start. Their hapless season is off to a 1-3 start, with their only win an ass-pounding victory over Montana State in early September (Sorry, Miles...I know you went to school at Montana State). Since that 44-3 triumph for Sparty, it has been a tumultuous trail of tears. Close games against the Chippewas of Central Michigan (Loss: 27-29) and everyone's favorite Catholic, Notre Dame (Loss: 30-33) have the Spartans feeling like the wallflower at an orgy. A deep search into the 2009 history of these teams, shows a very weak secondary that has allowed a BIG-10 record 10 touchdowns heading into it's 5th game of the year. And yet, Michigan State was supposed to have a solid season, despite the team being young (47 Freshman and 25 Sophomores). Kirk Cousins, Michigan State's QB isn't looking like a running threat either, with a -12 yards rushing after 4 games. Going 17 of 34 for 201 yards (stats from the Wisconsin game) AIN'T gonna get the job done against Big Blue.

But before you think this is a guaranteed lock for Michigan, last week the Wolverines QB, Tate Forcier injured his shoulder in a close battle with Indiana last week. Forcier is definitely a key to making things happen at the QB position, as the Wolverines back-upDenard Robinson is a widely untested and unknown backup. Look for Michigan Receivers Martavious Odoms and Greg Mathews to have to step up against a weak Michigan State secondary. They both stepped up last week, with Greg Mathews catching a 5-yard TD pass with 11 seconds left to help the Wolverines best the Hoosiers. Michigan Defensive End Brandon Graham, with the perfect season hanging in the balance, perhaps said it best "This is the time when leaders have to step up and demand more."

Even with Michigan's perfect record, they haven't played a road game yet this season. As their coach Rich Rodriguez pathetically joked, "Can we play all 12 game sat home?" The wolverines stumble into East Lansing a two point dog to 'Sparty'.

I think Michigan plays this game tough. As much as I'd like to see them lose this game, the receivers will prove too much for Michigan State's weak secondary. Look for their receivers to have massive yardage and consider picking up Martavious in your fantasy college team for weak 5. Michigan goes on to win this game.

Wolverines by 7!

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